All About Switzerland

All About Switzerland

All About Switzerland

A luxury country, a country that embodies quality. This is all about Switzerland. Watches, chocolate, cheese, knife – everyone knows that the high-end production of all this is here. It is a self-sufficient, expensive, and rich in every sense of the country. From nature to bank accounts, everything is filled with abundance.

The bulk of the population uses German or French. The confusion of these two cultures is respectively expressed in regional national cuisine and behavior, but do not worry. The mentality of the indigenous people is such that you will feel comfortable and be sure to be able to explain in English. You can count on the help of residents and representatives of official institutions, observe politeness, and all services will be provided on the highest level.

This is a country, so to speak, autonomy. She takes everyone under her friendly wing, but she doesn’t come to visit herself. This is her fame and value. Switzerland is rich because it has all its own and this is all the best. With her example she shows – invest in yourself, be yourself and reach for you.

All About Switzerland nature and attractions

Switzerland is sometimes called a pocket country because of its small territory. But its content more than compensates for the size. It’s no wonder they say that this is not the main thing. The abundance of natural resources and climatic conditions made it possible to develop tourism at a unique level. SPA centers, lakes and waterfalls, ski slopes, thermal and healing springs – it’s not understandable that all this fits in one such small country.

All About Switzerland

The capital of the country is the city of Bern. The most famous for excursions are the cities of Zurich and Geneva. These cities are the embodiment of contrasts – “contemporaries” are located next to the old regions with interesting historical architecture. Cool banks, the headquarters of the United Nations, expensive shopping centers – all this is the same part of the country as the ancient castles, fortresses and cobbled streets. Therefore it is worth to devote time to studying these cities closer.

Legendary lakes are in different climatic conditions, so there are variations on how to spend a water holiday – to get covered with tan, heal, or just enjoy the view.

Entertainment in Switzerland

Tours. Ancient architecture and impressive castles are located mostly in the capital, Zurich and Geneva. Therefore, we recommend to go to these cities by tour or to visit one of them and spend plenty of time enjoying the atmosphere of the old and elite in one bottle. There you will find interesting museums, castles of the Middle Ages, Gothic temples, parks, and squares for walking.

Skiing. One of the most popular forms of recreation in Switzerland. Geographically, the country got a winning ticket in the form of alpine slopes. The most expensive ski slopes and cozy conditions for a family holiday are in the Swiss Alps. Ski tourism is developed very professionally. About 150 centers offer their conditions for every taste – for children and adults, for beginners and Olympic athletes.

All About Switzerland

Shopping the standard of living in Switzerland is such that let’s face it – fashionable boutiques and salons of exclusive brands make up the familiar picture of Swiss streets. But it is worth considering that an exclusive produced in the country itself (like Rolex watches) will cost much less than in any other part of the world.

So how to ignore edible souvenirs? Chocolate, cheese, wine – for every taste, volume, and wallet, you will find in any store or a specialized gastronomic shop.

SPA. Switzerland is famous for its level of recovery and preservation of human beauty. Spa facilities of various levels of service (from a beauty center to a medical clinic) are deservedly respected all over the world.

The medical services provided in the field of treating serious diseases such as oncology are very expensive. But these are the most benign, effective and reliable methods in the struggle for life and health. That is why Swiss clinics are so in demand and have an impeccable reputation.

For youth. There are a lot of trendy places and entertainment for young people who like to make some noise and, what to conceal, to burn the night away. For example, Lausanne and Zurich will please young people with fashionable and fashionable clubs, where you can have a great weekend with your close friends and turn ordinary days into an endless holiday.

Medicine, transport and other services

Since, as we have already noted, here the standard of living is high, medical services are accordingly not free. Being sick is very unprofitable. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you take out insurance before traveling and in case of health trouble you will be protected from unnecessary waste and grief about this.

The transport system in Switzerland, as one would expect, is stunningly developed. The most convenient and profitable way to travel between cities is by rail. No less comfortable buses. It is noteworthy that in both versions there are panoramic routes that, in addition to the destination of carrying passengers, necessarily follow scenic routes.

All About Switzerland

Inside the cities themselves, there is an interesting transport system, which allows you to purchase a kind of unlimited subscriptions for all public transport with a certain period of validity. In addition, when using them, you can receive discounts when buying travel tickets.

Swiss zealously protect the environment. Therefore, it is not surprising that here you can rent a bike for free. Leaving a deposit, you can use the bike for the whole day.

Perhaps Switzerland will conquer you with its elegance, or maybe it will be boring and quiet. Someone will fall in love with the sights of Zurich, while others – in the Alpine slopes or the incredible lakes of Geneva. But for some reason, we are sure that in this unique place everyone will find a corner in which they will feel rich. Even if this wealth will not personify a Swiss bank account.

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