Things to Do in Dauphin Island

Do in Dauphin Island

Things to Do in Dauphin Island

Nestled in the Gulf of Mexico off the coast of Mobile Bay, Dauphin Island is a quiet beach town with a laidback vibe. This barrier island is known for its white sand beaches, bird sanctuaries, historic fort, and amazing seafood. If you’re looking for a peaceful getaway filled with beach combing, fishing, kayaking and more, then a trip to Dauphin Island is just what you need!

Here is an in-depth travel guide covering everything you need to know to plan the perfect Dauphin Island vacation, from the top attractions and things to do on Dauphin Island to where to eat and stay.

Enjoy Miles of White Sand Beaches

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One of the biggest draws of Dauphin Island is its stunning white sand beaches that stretch for miles. The island has both the Gulf of Mexico to the south and Mobile Bay to the north, which means you have double the beaches to explore!

Some of the most popular beach spots on the island include:

Public Beach

This half-mile long public beach is located right near the bridge that you take to get onto the island. It has bathrooms, showers, picnic areas and more. The waters are generally calm, making it a good spot for families.

West End Beach

On the western tip of the island, this often empty beach is flanked by sand dunes. It’s an amazing place to watch the sunset. The water is rougher here since it faces the open Gulf.

Shell Mound Park

At the eastern end, this park offers picnic areas along a quiet stretch of sand. Look for seashells and enjoy views of the historic Fort Gaines across the bay.

Wherever you choose to spread your towel along Dauphin Island’s shores, you’ll find powdery white sand and gentle waves lapping at the shore. Be sure to pack your sunscreen, swimsuit, sandals, beach umbrella and towel. Consider bringing a beach chair too.

For maximum relaxation, read a good book or listen to music while soaking up the sunny rays. Build sandcastles, play frisbee or go for a refreshing dip in the pleasantly warm Gulf waters. Sit back and enjoy the soothing sights and sounds of the sea.

Go Birdwatching in the Sanctuaries

Dauphin Island is a major migratory bird path and home to several bird sanctuaries, making it a top spot for bird watching.

Some of the prime birding locations include:

Audubon Bird Sanctuary

This sanctuary has a short nature trail through marshes and pine woods where you can spot herons, terns, warblers, hummingbirds and more.

West End Beach

Scan the shoreline for various shorebirds like plovers, sandpipers and oystercatchers. The endangered Alabama red-belly turtle also sometimes nests here.

Shell Mound Park

Look for wading birds like egrets and herons fishing in the shallow bay waters. You may even see an osprey dive for fish.

Come prepared with binoculars, birding guides and patience. The best time to see birds is early morning or at sunset when the lighting is perfect and birds are active. Take your time observing and identifying the many feathered species that call Dauphin Island home.

Cast a Line for Trout and Redfish

The fishing is fantastic around Dauphin Island thanks to the fertile Mobile Bay and access to the Gulf of Mexico. Anglers enjoy catching speckled trout, redfish, flounder and many other species.

The two main places to drop a line include:

Off the Pier

The lengthy fishing pier extending into the bay has a fish cleaning station and bait shop. It’s a prime spot to reel in white trout, Spanish mackerel, sheepshead and more.

From Shore or Boat

You can fish right from the beaches, jetties and bridges. For deeper waters, take a fishing charter or rent a boat to find the best catch offshore.

Make sure to get an Alabama state fishing license and adhere to size and catch limits. Pack your tackle box with bait, hooks, line and tools. Don’t forget the sunscreen, hat and polarized sunglasses. Now you’re ready to try your luck fishing Dauphin Island’s plentiful waters.

Kayak Through Estuaries and Swamps

Kayak Through Estuaries and Swamps: dauphin island

Paddling a kayak is one of the best ways to explore the unique estuaries and marshes of Dauphin Island up close. Glide through the scenic wetland habitats and keep an eye out for wildlife.

Some top spots for kayaking include:

Cadillac Bay

Paddle through these peaceful bay waters surrounded by coastal marshlands. Look for herons, egrets and pelicans fishing for their next meal.

Mobile-Tensaw Delta

This maze of waterways weaving between swamps and forests is perfect for a kayak adventure. It’s the nation’s second largest delta system with an astonishing diversity of plant and animal life.

Fowl River

Expect beautiful scenery along this river that flows into Mobile Bay. Paddle past cypress trees draped in Spanish moss in search of alligators, turtles and migratory birds.

You can bring your own kayak or easily rent them on Dauphin Island for a full or half-day. Many outfitters even offer guided eco-tours if you want a more educational experience on the water. With a multitude of rivers, bayous and inlets to explore, you’ll quickly see why paddling is so popular.

Visit Historic Fort Gaines

History buffs will love touring the historic Fort Gaines on the eastern tip of Dauphin Island. This 19th century fort played an important role in the Battle of Mobile Bay during the Civil War.

Start your visit at the informative visitor center to learn about the fort’s unique history and design. Then take a self-guided tour to see the cannons, underground tunnels, ammo magazines and enormous brick walls. Make sure to climb to the top of the fort for panoramic views of the bay and Gulf of Mexico.

Fort Gaines is an incredibly well-preserved Civil War site that offers a glimpse into military life during that era. Wander the fort’s inner grounds while imagining what life was like for soldiers manning the massive coastal fortress so long ago.

Rent a Golf Cart and Cruise Around

The best way to explore Dauphin Island’s 14 miles of length is by renting a golf cart. Cruising around in a golf cart gives you easy access to all of the island’s scenic attractions.

Drive past the charming coastal cottages, stop at beach access points, view historic sites and pull over anytime something catches your eye. Many rental companies offer gas-powered carts that can seat four people, so the whole family can ride together.

Most major roads on the island allow golf carts, but make sure to obey traffic laws. Pack a picnic lunch and make a full day of your golf cart adventure. With the wind in your hair and the island scenery rolling by, you may never want to stop driving!

Relax on the Back Deck of a Beach House

One of the best parts of a Dauphin Island vacation is enjoying time relaxing on the back deck of a rental beach house. Most island properties are elevated cottages with spacious back decks overlooking the beach and Gulf views.

Imagine yourself sitting in a comfy deck chair listening to the soothing sounds of the waves. Spend hours reading books, playing board games and enjoying each other’s company without interruption.

As the sun begins to set, break out the snacks and cold beverages. Watch the spectacular sunset paint the clouds pink and orange while dolphins swim past. End your days on a peaceful note rocking gently in a porch swing or hammock.

Cast a Line from the Pier

One of the most popular activities on Dauphin Island is casting a line on the long public fishing pier that extends out into the Mobile Bay. Locals and tourists alike flock to “The Pier” to try their luck fishing.

The most common catches are white trout, flounder, Spanish mackerel, sheepshead and more. Stop by the bait shop to pick up shrimp, squid or live bait. Ask the other anglers for tips on the hottest spots.

Relax on a bench and enjoy the splendid views while waiting for a bite. The Pier has sheltered seating, fish cleaning stations and restrooms for convenience. Don’t forget your sunscreen, hat, sunglasses and patience. You never know when you’ll hook an impressive red drum or get lucky with a shark!

Look for Shells on the Beach

Beach combing for seashells is a favorite pastime on Dauphin Island thanks to the abundance of pristine shores. The best time to look is early in the morning before the crowds arrive.

Scan the sand for colorful scallop shells, delicate olives shells, shiny cockles, adorable coquinas and more. Find sand dollars buried just under the surface and pretty bits of sea glass smoothed by the tide.

Look in crevices along jetties or rocks for spider conch shells and lightning whelks. Wade out into the gentle surf to find fighting conchs and other shells tumbling in the waves.

Always obey laws about removing live shells with inhabitants still inside them. Take only a small number of empty shells to leave plenty for others to enjoy as well. Your shell collection will be the perfect souvenir of your island beach adventures.

Attend the Dauphin Island Fishing Rodeo

A can’t-miss annual event on Dauphin Island is the Fishing Rodeo held every July. This massive tournament lasts for a full month and attracts anglers from across the region competing for big prizes.

Folks spend the month trying to reel in the largest fish across multiple categories like speckled trout, redfish, flounder and more. Weigh-ins happen daily so the leaderboard is always changing. The rodeo concludes with festivities and awards for the biggest catches.

Even if you’re not competing, head down to watch the weigh-ins and feel the excitement. Soak up the lively atmosphere as proud anglers show off their winning fish. Don’t miss seeing the goliath catches brought in by offshore boats too.

This classic island tradition really showcases the amazing abundance and diversity of the fishing in these parts. Y’all come on down now and experience it for yourself!

Spot Dolphins Swimming by

Keep your eyes peeled for one of the island’s most beloved creatures – dolphins! Dauphin Island sits right on a major migration route, so dolphin sightings are common year-round.

These graceful marine mammals often swim right by the beaches and pier in search of fish. Watch for their dorsal fins breaking the surface of the water. Sometimes you can see pods of mothers and calves. If you’re really lucky, they may put on a show leaping and playing in the waves!

The best viewing is near dawn or dusk when dolphins are most active. But they can appear at any time of day so always be on the lookout. Seeing these intelligent animals gliding through the Gulf will surely be a highlight of your trip. Don’t forget your camera to capture photos of spectacular dolphin encounters.

Attend the Dauphin Island Sea Lab Open House

For an enriching educational experience, attend the Dauphin Island Sea Lab’s open house held twice per year. This is your chance to explore the research labs, touch tanks, exhibits and aquariums at this marine science center.

Chat with scientists to learn about their research and projects. Discover what creatures are being rehabilitated in the veterinary facilities. Find out how the sea lab is working to protect the Gulf Coast.

Kids will love checking out the sharks and sea turtles in the aquarium displays. Hands-on activities let you get up close to marine life like crabs, eels, starfish and urchins. Don’t miss the cool undersea robotics and diving gear.

The sea lab open house offers interactive fun for all ages. You’ll come away with a greater appreciation of the diversity of life found in our oceans and importance of conservation.

Let the Kids Play at the Pirate Island Adventure Golf

For family fun, head to Pirate Island Adventure Golf located right on Bienville Boulevard. This elaborate 18-hole mini-golf course will thrill kids of all ages.

Winding paths take you past pirates and parrots, tropical lagoons, waterwheels and waterfalls. Play through a huge pirate ship complete with lookout towers, bridges and spooky dungeons below deck. Watch out for animated pirates ready to defend their treasure!

Designed to look like a pirate hideout, this creative course is full of surprises. Kids can test their putting skills while parents enjoy quality time together. With two levels of difficulty, it’s suitable for all ages to play.

Get in the pirate spirit by dressing up in your best pirate garb. Ahoy, mateys, come experience the magic of Pirate Island!

Bike Along the Island’s Scenic Paths

One of the best ways to explore Dauphin Island’s natural beauty is by bike. Miles of roads and paths are perfect for cycling so you can see it all.

Ride west towards Fort Gaines and loop around the narrow west end of the island for serene beach views. Head east over the long bridge spanning Mobile Bay admiring the scenic expanse of water.

Pedal along Bienville Boulevard under the shade of towering oaks draped in Spanish moss. Pull off anywhere that looks interesting or take side paths through maritime forests. Don’t forget to pack a picnic lunch!

Rent bikes by the hour or day from outfitters on the island. They have cruisers, mountain bikes and bikes with child seats. With the wind at your back and sand between your toes, bicycling is a fantastic way to explore Dauphin Island.

Try Your Luck at Pier Fishing

Visiting anglers are drawn to the 1000-foot public fishing pier extending into Mobile Bay. Locals consider it one of the top spots for catching white trout, Spanish mackerel, sheepshead and flounder.

Pack your tacklebox with bait, hooks and line, or grab bait at the pier shop. Ask other fishermen for advice on depth, technique and productive spots. Find a bench along the pier and drop your line.

The silver railings are perfect for rigging up rod holders while you sit back, relax and watch your poles. Reel in speckled trout, ground mullet and other tasty fish for dinner. Clean your catch at the fillet stations on the pier.

With fish jumping all around, picturesque views and the sound of the breeze, the pier offers an unbeatable fishing experience for anglers of all skill levels.

Learn About Sea Turtles

Dauphin Island is an important nesting site for the endangered Kemp’s Ridley sea turtle, so a visit to the Sea Lab’s Estuarium is a must. Interactive exhibits detail the life cycle, anatomy, migration and conservation challenges facing these ancient mariners. An observation deck lets you watch rescued turtles being rehabilitated in tanks.

Near Fort Gaines, look for a recovery pen that protects nests and hatchlings. Talk to volunteers to find out when releases of rehabilitated turtles occur so you can watch.

Seeing these prehistoric creatures up close and learning about efforts to save them is an inspiring experience. You’ll gain a deeper appreciation of the valuable biodiversity found off the Alabama coast.

Dine on Fresh Gulf Seafood

One of the best parts about vacationing on Dauphin Island is getting to feast on freshly caught local seafood. The island’s restaurants serve up culinary delights featuring shrimp, oysters, crab and finfish straight from the Gulf.

Indulge in southern fried shrimp baskets or blackened catfish tacos at casual spots like The Hangout. Choose from inventive seafood pasta, sushi rolls and bouillabaisse at fine dining restaurant The Grand Hotel Restaurant. Get your seafood market-fresh on a sandwich at local favorite Lighthouse Bakery.

Be sure to order the seasonal catch like triggerfish, mahi or tuna when available. And save room for sweet endings like bread pudding with rum sauce. With so many delicious seafood options, you’ll want to try a new dish every night!

Watch the Sunset over the Gulf

One can’t-miss activity on Dauphin Island is watching the spectacular sunsets over the Gulf of Mexico. Head to west end beaches around dusk and prepare to be amazed.

As the sinking sun approaches the horizon, the sky lights up in a blaze of fiery oranges and pinks. The glistening waters reflect the intense colors. Silhouettes of birds crossing the painted skies makes it even more scenic.

Relax in the sand with your feet in the gentle surf and soak up the dramatic views. The sunset over the Gulf is a stunning experience that leaves visitors in awe. Be sure to have your camera ready to capture the magic!

Go Boating & Sailing

With so much coastline and water access, Dauphin Island is a boating and sailing paradise. Rent a powerboat or paddleboat for exploring the Mobile Bay and Mississippi Sound. Charter a fishing boat to head offshore into the Gulf of Mexico for bigger catches. Stop at uninhabited islands only accessible by boat. Hoist the sails on a graceful sloop or catamaran and skim across the waters. Kayak down scenic rivers and into lush delta wetlands teeming with wildlife. With endless boating possibilities, you’re guaranteed an amazing day on the water!

Shop for Souvenirs

Before leaving, don’t forget to shop for souvenirs to remember your Dauphin Island getaway. Stop by one of the beach shops along Bienville Boulevard to browse coastal-themed gifts. Look for Dauphin Island t-shirts, pins, koozies and shot glasses emblazoned with the island’s iconic chartreuse lighthouse. Pick up seashell wreaths or driftwood art to adorn your home. Kids will love stuffed animals like pelicans, crabs and alligators. For comfort on the plane, go with cozy shirts or thick hoodies embroidered with Dauphin Island. 

Dine at Island Favorites

Dauphin Island has some favorite restaurants that visitors return to trip after trip. Here are some must-try eateries for a true taste of the island:

The Hangout

This lively beachfront restaurant is hugely popular for its gulf shrimp baskets, burgers, po’ boys and bushwackers. Grab a table on the large outdoor deck and enjoy the views!

Lighthouse Bakery

Stop by this bakery and bistro for freshly baked breads, quiche, sandwiches and sweet treats like cupcakes and fudge. The artichoke quiche is a local favorite!

Pelican’s Nest

Come to Pelican’s Nest for live music at the bar Friday nights. Sit on the screened porch overlooking Mobile Bay and savor blackened fish tacos, crab cakes and coconut shrimp.

Islanders Beach Bar & Grill

Locals recommend the mahi sandwich and sourdough crab melt at this casual spot. Stick around for karaoke night and belt out your favorite tunes.


For fine dining, this elegant restaurant pairs creative seafood dishes with local ingredients. Try the sesame seared tuna and bread pudding with rum sauce.

Take an Island Ghost Tour

For a spooky thrill, join one of the ghost tours offered on Dauphin Island after dark. An expert guide will lead you to various haunts while recounting the island’s ghostly tales, paranormal activity and cemetery lore. Hear true stories of strange occurrences in places like Fort Gaines and local restaurants that give the island a reputation for being haunted. The sites you’ll visit look completely different (and creepier) by lantern light at night! If you’re brave enough, this is one Dauphin Island experience you won’t forget.

Visit the Estuarium at the Sea Lab

The Estuarium is the public aquarium facility at the Dauphin Island Sea Lab focused on the amazing ecosystems of the Gulf Coast. Check out the Living Marsh boardwalk winding through coastal wetlands. See Gulf species like sharks, rays and sea turtles up close in aquarium displays. Don’t miss the huge replica of a juvenile whale shark hanging from the ceiling! Hands-on exhibits let you touch crabs, sea stars and urchins. Kids will have a blast exploring while learning about marine life. After visiting, you’ll have a new appreciation for the diversity of creatures that call the Gulf home.

Stay in a Cozy Island Cottage

For accommodation, choose from the many charming vacation cottages and beach houses available to rent on Dauphin Island. These pastel-colored properties offer the comforts of home with breezy beach vibes. Sit on the upstairs deck surrounded by swaying palms. Fall asleep to the sound of rolling waves. Fix shrimp tacos in the fully-equipped kitchen. Kick back and relax as island time slips away. Renting a local cottage lets you live like a true islander during your stay.

Top 5 Restaurants on Dauphin Island

Here is a quick list of the top 5 restaurants on Dauphin Island to add to your must-try dining list:

  1. The Hangout – beachy fun for seafood baskets and bushwackers
  2. Dority’s – fine dining featuring creative seafood dishes
  3. Lighthouse Bakery – quiche, sandwiches, breads and sweet treats
  4. Islanders Beach Bar & Grill – live music and tropical drinks
  5. Pelican’s Nest – screening porch dining with views of Mobile Bay

From casual spots for fried shrimp to upscale eateries with chef-prepared cuisine, you’ll find lots of fantastic island flavors to sample.

When to Visit Dauphin Island

Dauphin Island offers laidback fun all year long:

Spring – Mild weather, blooming flowers and low rates before summer crowds arrive.

Summer – Popular for beaches and fishing though lodging rates are higher.

Fall – Warm weather and smaller crowds though water is sometimes too chilly for swimming.

Winter – Low rates and fewer tourists but some attractions may have limited hours.

Any season offers ample things to do! The huge Fishing Rodeo happens every July. Bird migrations peak in April and October. Pack layers for cool winter nights or swimsuits for hot summer days. Whenever you choose to visit, you’ll find Dauphin Island a welcoming escape.

How to Get to Dauphin Island

Reaching this island getaway is simple:

By Car – Take I-10 to Mobile then follow AL-193 south across the Dauphin Island Bridge

Via Air – Fly into Mobile Regional Airport then drive 30 minutes south

By Boat – Passenger ferries from Fort Morgan run seasonally

Once over the scenic 3-mile bridge, you’ll have arrived in paradise! Getting here without the stress of air travel or traffic jams allows you to start relaxing before you even unpack.


What is there to do on Dauphin Island?

Swimming, fishing, boating, birdwatching, biking, golf cart touring, or just relaxing on the beach. The island has miles of white sand beaches, historic sites, parks, trails, and great fishing.

Where should I stay?

Choose from beach houses, cottages, condos and hotels, many with full kitchens and porches overlooking the Gulf. Rentals fill fast so book early.

What is the weather like?

Summer is hot and humid reaching the 90s. Winters average in the 60s but can dip into the 40s. Year-round you can enjoy sunny beach days.

Is Dauphin Island expensive?

With free beaches and affordable dining, travel costs are lower than other beach destinations. Lodging varies – save by staying midweek or in shoulder seasons.

What should I pack?

Swimsuit, sandals, sunscreen, hat, beach towel, sunglasses, lightweight clothing, sweater for evenings, and your camera!

Can I get around without a car?

Yes, the island has bike and golf cart rentals available by the hour or day for exploring. Everything is centrally located.

Are pets allowed?

Some lodgings permit pets – be sure to check when booking. Dogs must be leashed and cleaned up after.

Start Planning Your Dauphin Island Getaway

With gentle surf, fresh seafood, and laid back vibes, Dauphin Island is the perfect Gulf Coast escape! Spend your days relaxing on the beach, fishing, kayaking, or exploring the island’s natural beauty and history. Then unwind on the porch of a cozy rental cottage as the sun sets over the water. Whether you seek family fun, outdoor adventure, or just some rest and relaxation, you’ll find it all on Dauphin Island, echoing the diverse experiences awaiting you in the Aland Islands in Finland. Use this travel guide to discover what to see and do, ensuring a truly memorable Alabama island vacation. Just set your GPS for bliss!

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