Travel guide to get in harbor island bahamas

harbor island bahamas

Travel guide to get in harbor island bahamas

Like a string of scattered pearls, the islands of the Bahamas extend from its northernmost point (less than an hour’s flight from Miami ) south through 800 kilometers of the Caribbean Sea. Being the recognized site of the first landing of Columbus in America. Something that is even on the back of the cover of our passports. The harbor island bahamas have a long history to its beautiful beaches.

Explore historic and modern sites protected by UNESCO World Heritage in Nassau and, while enjoying a turquoise blue sea. Relax completely secluded white sand beaches, take a boat trip and discover stunning islands and snorkel above impressive coral reefs.

Accommodation in harbor island bahamas

harbor island bahamas

All depends on what you’re looking for and what you’re going to move between the islands. But surely your gateway will be the Nassau Airport with what you might do overnight here. You will also enjoy the Caribbean life of a British colonial city.

Things to do

Things to do

• Arawak Cay, next to the city of Nassau. It is this magnificent cay in the sea, full of beach bars, music, local people, … and above all very good atmosphere.

• An afternoon at the Atlantis Waterscape. Without a doubt, the Hotel Atlantis and Paradise Island with a mandatory stop for all who visit Nassau. Its impressive aquariums, its infinite corridors, and its stunning beaches.

• Diving on the coast, either with a bottle or with snorkeling, it does not matter. The important thing is to enjoy the wonderful life that is a few meters deep.

• Go from island to island by boat, and enjoy the clarity of its waters. Its submerged wrecks and even the sharks that come very close to the coast.

• Try the drink “Goombay smash,” coconut rum, brandy and I do not know how many more things that make this sweet drink very well, but … come out very … VERY bad.


• Stroll through downtown Nassau, and the pirate museum, … luxury shops, local Caribbean food, and normal life takes place on Bay Street in Nassau and the rest of the city.

• Visit the Pink Sands complex, a place located in an impressive and paradisiacal beach with pink sand that brings us closer to the sky, … awesome !!

Go out to the sea and feel its waters, whether swimming in the spectacular pink beach of harbor island Bahamas. The bonefishing beach of Andros is famous for the fish bones that form the coral sand of the beach. You can also enjoy in the water park of the Hotel Atlantis on Paradise Island.

Enjoy the wild Junkanoo parades. Taste and savor local dishes such as conch fritters, fried grouper burgers, rock crab legs … all drinking the refreshing local Kalik beer.

When to go harbor island Bahamas

harbor island Bahamas

Temperatures in the Bahama islands are generally ideal throughout the year. Most of the annual rainfall falls at the end of summer and in the fall, the famous hurricane season is concentrated from June to October.

The best time to travel to the Bahamas is between March and mid-April, where spring leaves a good climate, quiet, without rain or wind, but it is also the time of the “Spring Break ” in the United States that makes all hotels and resorts are full of crazy students to drink and eager to party.

During the winter, hotels and resorts have the highest prices, since it is high season in the Bahamas, especially because of the good climate that exists here at that time, yes, if you want to travel in winter, you better book with at least three months in advance.

How to move

How to move

The most convenient way to get around an island like Nassau is definitely by Taxi. Taxis can be found at the airport, in each hotel, on the ferry, the piers, and in the center of cities such as Nassau and Freeport. Taxis can be used for a trip but also for half a day and even for a full day of sightseeing.

Keep in mind that you drive on the opposite side of the European and second, keep in mind that by the price you can only benefit on large islands where the distances Going to travel are very very long.

But if you want to feel the Bahamas and its people, and travel through Nassau, Paradise Island or Greater Bahama and Freeport, I recommend using public bus transport, with a cheap price, you will also feel really in the hearts of the people of Bahamas

Travel by car and scooter

Travel by car

Renting a car is generally recommended on large islands such as Grand Bahama, Abaco, Eleuthera, Exuma, Long Island, and Andros, where bus service is scarce or non-existent.

In the small islands, it is possible to rent a car or motorcycle only in small or private companies, in these cases the hotels always have some concerted company.

Traveling by motorbike costs about 40 euros per day, where … despite being a Caribbean country where there seem to be no rules, the mandatory helmet, and insurance that normally is included in the rental price.

Travel by boat

Travel by boat

To travel between islands in the Bahamas, several companies operate between the main tourist destinations in the Bahamas, where schedules frequently change due to weather and weather, so it is best to check the schedules or on the website of each company.

If you want to travel to the smaller islands, there are local barges that travel to the cays and smaller islands, they even make round trips in the day, making them a perfect option for an excursion. In any case, the cheapest and most “local” is to use what they call there: ” mail boats,” is the transport used by the people of the Bahamas, especially for the price.

Today it is easy to find modern speedboats with air conditioning that cover the main routes between the Bahamas. The mail boats offer us something much more valuable than time. It is sharing a trip with people there, with goats, chickens and a lot of cargo. The islands and the beautiful bottoms of these islands.

Travel by bus

Travel by bus

You can find regular bus services in Nassau and Grand Bahama. The buses are known as “jitneys” and are vans or mini-vans. The numbers of the route are marked on the front of the van and have served since dawn and until nightfall. Although there are stops during all journeys, you can tell the driver when you want to stop and get off.

As for taxis, no model identifies them as such, nor do they go with a uniform that identifies a taxi driver, but you can see a plaque on the inside that identifies the driver. The negotiation margin is practically impossible.

If you rent a van with a driver on an island, the price is negotiable, always taking into account whether it will be for half a day or a full day, in the same way, it is customary to pay for the meals that come to the driver. In any case, if this is a guide, it must be accredited correctly, otherwise, and for the police, you can have a bit of trouble …

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