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IDEAS TO GIVE A TRIP- Giving away a trip is always a good idea, and do you know why? Because sharing a few days, in a new place to discover, with an important person for you, makes you always have a good memory of a significant date to celebrate.

In our post we are going to propose ideas to give a trip, so you can surprise your family and friends on their next anniversary, for example. We assure you that just the fact of planning it with him, you will love it.

Give a trip to your partner

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There is nothing more romantic than traveling and getting lost in an unknown destination for both. The island of Curacao , south of the Caribbean, with its spiritual air and its streets are perfect to relax with your partner.

If you do not feel like a beach environment, you can give a trip to Valparaíso, in Chile , with its alleys, surrounded by hills.

And if what you want is to surprise your partner, nothing better than the capital of love, Paris in France is always a success. The Eiffel Tower, Montmartre, or the Sacre Couer are enclaves designed for love.

And if you still do not dare to travel with the person you want, we give you reasons to travel as a couple and be happier.

Give a trip to your best friend

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Having fun is one of the objectives when traveling with your best friend. When you do it, you can look for two things, either culture or fun . We suggest you combine both in these cities.

Amsterdam , the city of the canals. The place where you can explore its streets by bike and learn about the red light district; and also, end the day in one of its pubs or in one of its famous coffee shops.

Or, for example, Cancun . A perfect place to combine the Mayan culture with the beautiful beaches that decorate it. Do not forget to visit Isla Mujeres to dance until dawn.

If you still do not know which destination to choose, we suggest more destinations to travel with your friends this summer .

Give a trip to employees

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What better way to celebrate the anniversary of the company than to organize a team building ? Give a surprise trip to your workers, motivate them and make them return to the office with recharged batteries.

An idea to travel can be to visit a place that allows you to organize a cultural gymkana in groups, with a prize for the winner, and then give you the opportunity to go out together to dance . A good formula to know yourself a little more.

Spain offers this opportunity in cities such as Seville, Cuenca or Barcelona. Cities that have a great cultural history and restaurants that offer great Spanish cuisine in their dishes.

One of the best things about Spain is its gastronomy, as we have said, and for this, you can also take your employees to one of the places to eat well in Spain .

Give a trip to your children

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There is nothing that children expect more eagerly than gifts. And we all know that if there is a place in the world that makes them dream and smile that is Disney World . Your favorite characters all concentrated in a park , in which magic floats in the environment.

If you have already visited this park, or on the contrary, you prefer another type of trip, we can give you other ideas to give a trip to Disney, or at least, to the fantastic world. The little ones can continue dreaming in the enclaves in which the Walt Disney was inspired to create their films, an idea to learn and enjoy at the same time.

Give a trip to your parents

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Creating family memories is always a good idea, and for that, there is nothing better than giving a surprise trip to your parents. A must is discovering a culture different from yours, and for that, an idyllic destination is Bhutan , the city of Buddhist temples and natural landscapes.

If you fancy adventure, nothing like visiting Sri Lanka . In addition, of its wonderful beaches, surrounded by nature, you can watch whales and practice water sports as a family.

Give a trip to your brother

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We know to travel to the end of the world with your brother, your other half, and we assure you that you will surprise him a lot with a trip as a gift. There are many ideal destinations to discover with him.

One of them, for example, is New York . The big city at your feet, while you tour all the enclaves that served as the stage for your favorite movies and series.

And if you want to surprise him with a little known place, Chiang Mai , in Thailand, should be your choice. The atmosphere of peace and tranquility reigns throughout the enclave, and you can rest or take part in adventure sports.

Do not think about it anymore, traveler, and if you want to surprise a loved one, give a trip. You will love to see the face that remains for your family or friends, when they discover your ingenuity with these ideas to give a trip.

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