Malaysia travel tips: What is needed to travel to Malaysia

Malaysia travel tips

Malaysia travel tips: What is needed to travel to Malaysia

The first thing is to inform us a little about the place to visit. The easiest thing is to do a little research on the Internet. I found this page of the embassy that they are updating and they explain a few important things to take into account besides having a register of travelers so that in case they need to know that we are in Malaysia at those dates. It is also very important when choosing dates and places to visit to watch the storms and monsoons. We are right on the limit where the good weather ends and the monsoon begins.

Malaysia travel tips

We come with the last post of our trip to Malaysia for 17 days on 10 tips to travel to Malaysia that I think perfectly summarize the trip. Views from the Regalia infinity pool in Kuala Lumpur.

Malaysia travel tips

1- Do not be afraid, it is a very safe country and we do not feel insecurity nor have any problems of any kind.

2- You can eat and drink without problems. We got very scared before going and everything was fine with a minimum of care (for example, using bottled water).

3- When it is time to exchange money there, you can take euros (you do not need dollars) and change there comparing the different changes in the exchange houses that there are many.

4- They have good transports, you can move by bus across the country and combine it with a flight taking it even a day or two before at good prices.

5- It is not necessary to hire the hotels except for the first night in the Perhentian Islands since there is less offer. There are many hotels and guesthouses where you can look and compare. They will show you the hostel rooms and you can compare and choose the one you like the most.

6 – With a basic English you can manage without problems, also several Malaysian words are very similar to English saying them as they would sound in English. For example, teksi is taxi …I love Kuala Lumpur

7- It is compulsory to wear flip-flops since all the hotels have a bath-shower and they do not usually have a shower tray as such, but the floor is a shower and the water goes to a sink, as well as when the bathroom is cleaned. They make with a hose and leave everything wet.

8- Obligatory also bring something warm (sweatshirt) for the air conditioners of buses, trains and shopping centers because they are always at the top (it goes their hand) I would even tell you to take the blanket of the plane that will be good for you covers on buses etc.

9- Bargain, almost everything is bargained, even if you do not want to. Just by passing by a market and you are looking for and begin to bargain.

10- You win, desire and more desire to travel and discover the country that surely does not disappoint you and Malaysia is a perfect country to start discovering Southeast Asia as backpackers.


The second thing to consider are flights. In this case we did it the other way around. We were watching flights, days, monsoons … and when more or less we had it clear we chose the vacations. As I have already mentioned, this trip is something very new for us, both because of the distance, the days and the way of traveling (backpackers), so we hardly knew the airlines that flew to Malaysia.

Skyscanner was very useful for usto find flights, airlines, schedules, connections … although many people use it to find the best prices, we used it differently on this trip and then went to the airline’s website and hired everything. I think we have chosen the flight very well for schedules, stopovers and stopover times between flights. In our case we have chosen Qatar Airways for price and schedules. We left Madrid on a Thursday at 10:10 pm that with the time changes (6 hours more) we will arrive in Kuala Lumpur on Friday at 8:50 pm. The return we left Kuala Lumpur at 09.45h and 19.30h we are already in Madrid with less than 2 hours of waiting between flights calling in Doha (Qatar).


Insurance is very important and that is why I put it in third place. There are insurances that if you do not hire them at the same time that the flight or a few hours later they do not cover you if you want to cancel it. In our case we have taken a little general insurance that also covers health and some other things.

Visa and passport:

To enter Malaysia being foreigner you do not need visas if you are going to be up to a maximum of 90 days. To enter Malaysia you need your passport to be valid for more than 6 months.


When we travel to a place outside our area it is advisable to visit the nearest international vaccination center to guide and guide you about what vaccinations you need for your trip as well as some health tips. Keep in mind that vaccines must be placed between a month or month and a half before the trip in case you have to repeat a dose. In our case we asked for an appointment at the beginning of July and they gave us already at the beginning of August, right to the limit.

Once there with the vaccination card in hand, they asked us where we were going to travel, what areas we were going to visit, type of trip (organized or our air), accommodations … and based on this they recommend some or other vaccines.Health tips and vaccines for MalaysiaSince we were not going to enter the jungle of Malaysia (more risk of malaria) they recommended Hepatitis A, having to renew a dose between 6 months and 4 years to be covered for life and another oral vaccine that is taken in three dose bought in pharmacy for the typhoid fever that we are taking now since it takes effect after 15 days. Each person is different and depends on the trip you are going to make, zones and time of stay will recommend some and other vaccines.

The truth is that the man was very kind and resolved several doubts we had and explained everything very well. The only bad thing is that they only take care of tomorrow (from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.) and do not report by phone, so for me, when I went to work at a polygon outside of Zaragoza at 8, going to downtown Zaragoza at 9 … is a bit cumbersome … but good. Ah! And do not be afraid of the puncture, that the doctor put it great without hardly knowing! In a few days I will publish apost about health and how we are preparing for this trip .

Accommodation or internal aircraft:

In terms of accommodation, we are only going to book the first night, that of the Perhentians, since it must be a little harder to find what we have read and the last two nights of Kuala Lumpur. The rest where we caught, improvising. As for buses and trains we will take them there on the fly minus one plane that we will take to cross Malaysia from the Perhentians to Kuala Lumpur with Air Asia .

Necessary material:

As we go backpacking, we need a backpack and we have bought a 40L backpack. Also being our first backpackers trip we had to buy some more but all this I will tell you in another post that I will dedicate only to the backpack, as I will do another on the photography and video material that we will take.


It is a good idea to set a route of sites that you want to visit, to take something watched and to improvise on the moment, being able to extend or remove days and adjust it to our liking. 

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