The Best Anti-Theft Travel Backpacks for Women

The Best Anti-Theft Travel Backpacks for Women

The Best Anti-Theft Travel Backpacks for Women

Planning a trip and looking for the perfect anti-theft travel backpack for women to keep their valuables safe while you explore? You’ve come to the right place. As an avid traveler myself, I know the struggle of finding a backpack that’s cute, comfortable, spacious, and has anti-theft travel backpacks. We want it all! The good news is that there are some great options out there made just for us ladies who like to travel in style while also staying secure.

In this article, I’ll share my top picks for the best anti-theft travel backpacks for women, plus tips on what features to look for when shopping. Get ready to find your new favorite travel companion!

Why An Anti-Theft Backpack?

Why An Anti-Theft Backpack?

Before we dive into the backpacks, let’s chat about why an anti-theft backpack is so important for travel. As awesome as it is to explore new places, travelers have to be extra cautious about pickpockets and bag snatchers looking to take off with their stuff.

Having your passport, money, camera, laptop or other valuables stolen while traveling abroad could seriously derail your whole trip. An anti-theft backpack serves as your first line of defense to prevent this nightmare scenario.

These packs have special features like lockable zippers, slash-proof material, RFID-blocking pockets and more to deter criminals from getting into your bag. While no backpack can make you 100% theft-proof, these design elements make it much harder for someone to swipe your stuff quickly and without detection.

Personally, I never travel without an anti-theft backpack now. After hearing countless horror stories from fellow travelers who’ve been robbed, I think the extra peace of mind is worth it. Plus, anti-theft features have gotten more discreet over the years so your backpack doesn’t have to scream “tourist.”

Key Features To Look For

When researching the best anti-theft travel bags for women, here are some key features I recommend looking for:

Lockable zippers: These zippers connect to built-in locks or loops so you can thread a small padlock through. This prevents thieves from gaining quick access to the compartments.

Slash-proof material: Bags made with cut-proof fabrics like carbon fiber, steel mesh or Kevlar are highly resistant to slashers trying to cut them open.

RFID-blocking: Lined pockets or RFID blocking technology helps block digital pickpockets from scanning and stealing your credit card or passport info.

Rear-opening design: Bags that open towards your back rather than facing outwards are more secure. Keeps valuables close to your body.

Anchor straps: Some bags have straps or clips to attach to chairs, tables, etc so they can’t be snatched easily.

Low-profile appearance: Avoid brightly colored bags plastered with logos. Go for neutral colors and discreet branding.

Compartments & organization: Interior and exterior pockets to store items separately so you can stay organized.

Comfort: Padded straps, ventilated backing and a lightweight design make for comfortable wear during long days of sightseeing.

Durability: Quality materials and construction stand up to frequent travel and daily use.

Now that you know what features to look for, let’s get to my top picks for anti-theft travel backpacks made specifically with women in mind! I’ve included options across a range of prices and styles.

Top Anti-Theft Travel Backpacks for Women

Travelon Anti Theft Classic Backpack

To start us off, I had to include this popular anti-theft backpack from Travelon. They’re one of the OG brands making stylish travel bags with anti-theft features built in. The Classic Anti Theft Backpack is their signature piece and has all the bells and whistles to keep your stuff secure.

It’s made from cut-proof polyester fabric to prevent slashing. The main compartment and front pocket have lockable double zippers to deter pickpockets. Just loop a lock through the zipper pulls for extra protection.

Inside there is RFID blocking material in the front wall and pocket to block scanning of cards or passports. And the rear-access opening ensures your valuables are closest to your back. No more worrying about someone swiping from behind!


– Lockable compartments
– Slash-proof
– RFID blocking technology
– Rear access opening
– Hidden passport pocket
– Mesh water bottle pockets
– Padded straps for comfort


– Only two color choices
– No side water bottle pocket

If you want a classic anti-theft backpack with time-tested features, the Travelon Anti Theft Classic Backpack is a great choice. It comes in black or midnight and fits up to a 15” laptop.

Amazon Basics Carry-On Travel Backpack

For those looking for an affordable anti-theft backpack option, the Amazon Basics Carry-On Travel Backpack is a great budget pick.

It has a roomy main compartment and organizes all your essentials into easy-access padded sleeves and pockets. The laptop sleeve holds up to 15” devices. Tablets and e-readers can slide into the separate tablet sleeve.

Though affordably priced, it still has important security features like lockable YKK zippers and a rear-opening design. The material is slash-resistant to prevent cutting and an RFID-blocking pocket shields your ID/cards from scanning.

Comfort-wise, the adjustable sternum straps and padded mesh back panel keeps the pack stable and breathable when worn. For the price, you can’t beat it!


– Lockable zippers
– Slash-resistant
– RFID blocking pocket
– Lots of organization
– Laptop and tablet sleeves
– Padded straps and back
– Affordable price


– Only comes in black
– Water bottle pockets are small

If you’re seeking an inexpensive anti-theft backpack that looks discreet, the Amazon Basics version has the key features to protect your stuff while traveling.

Travelon Anti-theft Packable Backpack

This lightweight anti-theft pack from Travelon is a versatile option for trips where you need a spare bag or want something easily portable.

When fully expanded, it functions like a regular backpack with a 10.5 x 17 x 6 inch capacity. But when you’re done using it, the bag folds up into a tiny pouch measuring just 10.5 x 6 x 1 inches!

That means you can easily stash it in your main luggage when not in use. Then pull it out anytime you need an extra carry-on, grocery bag or daypack on tours. So convenient!

Despite the packable design, it still maintains anti-theft features like lockable zippers, cut-proof straps and material, and an RFID-blocking card pocket inside. An adjustable sternum strap keeps the pack stable when you’re on the move.

When you want a backup bag that takes up minimal space, this Travelon packable anti-theft backpack is the perfect travel companion. You’ll wonder how you managed without it!


– Packable/foldable design
– Slash-proof
– Lockable zippers
– RFID-blocking pocket
– Lightweight and portable
– Doubles as extra bag or daypack


– Not as padded or structured as a regular backpack
– Smaller capacity when expanded

Baggallini Essential Mini Backpack Purse for Women

Moving into more stylish designs, the Baggallini Essential Mini Backpack Purse is an anti-theft backpack that looks deceptively cute.

The compact mini backpack shape and lightweight ripstop nylon fabric come in a variety of colors. But don’t let the mini size fool you…this bag fits all your daily essentials and valuables.

The interior organizes your phone, wallet, sunglasses, passport, keys and other items into designated slots and pockets. While the exterior quick-access pocket is perfect for your phone, transit card or other items you need in a pinch.

Security features include cut-proof straps, slash-resistant fabric and RFID-blocking card slots. Style and security in one chic little package!


– Compact, mini design
– Ripstop nylon is durable and lightweight
– Lots of organization
– RFID-blocking card slots
– Slash-proof straps/fabric
– Available in tons of colors


– Won’t hold a laptop
– Small overall capacity

When you want security paired with style, the Baggallini Essential Mini Backpack purse has you covered. The colorful options complement any outfit without skimping on protection.

Pacsafe Metrosafe LS350 15 Liter Anti Theft Laptop Daypack/Backpack

Last but not least is the Pacsafe Metrosafe LS350 – one of my all-time favorite anti-theft backpacks. Pacsafe is a leading brand making high-tech travel bags with every security feature you could need.

This intelligently designed backpack has a 15-liter capacity with a padded laptop sleeve for 15” devices. The main compartment opens toward your back to keep belongings safe from grabby hands.

It’s made with Pacsafe’s lightweight steel mesh and cut-proof fabric to prevent slashing. The adjustable straps are reinforced to resist cutting as well.

Integrated security features include:

– Lockable zippers to prevent pickpocketing
– RFIDsafe blocking in pocket
– Smart zipper security hooks to deter tampering
– Roobar sport sternum strap with whistle buckle

And my favorite part – the portable safe built into the straps! It’s a tiny pouch just big enough to stash a phone, passport, cash or keys to keep them more secure. So smart!


– Lockable zippers
– Slash-proof material
– RFIDsafe blocking
– Anchor straps to attach to chairs etc.
– Roobar security strap with whistle
– Portable zippered safe in strap


– Expensive
– Techy look may scream tourist

While an investment, the Pacsafe Metrosafe backpack is worth it if you want every anti-theft feature imaginable. It’s like a portable safe disguised as a stylish, low-key backpack.

The Ultimate Buying Guide for Women’s Anti-Theft Backpacks

An anti-theft travel backpack for women is one of the smartest investments you can make for travel security. But with so many options, how do you choose the best one? Use this buying guide to identify exactly what you need from your backpack:

Consider Your Style

First, think about your personal style and what backpack silhouette or aesthetic you prefer. There are anti-theft backpacks ranging from sporty and rugged to sleek and feminine. Determine if you want a compact mini backpack, a rectangular tech backpack or a hands-free backpack purse.

Also, consider color. Vibrant hues look stylish, but neutral colors like black or grey help you blend in easier, especially when traveling abroad. Ultimately, choose something that fits your fashion sensibilities.

Assess Your Storage Needs

Then, determine how much storage capacity you need. Are you looking for a weekend trip bag or something bigger for long-term travel? Make sure to choose a backpack that fits everything you need to carry.

Also note if you need room for any tech like a laptop, tablet or camera and if the backpack has a designated sleeve or pocket for them. Proper padding helps protect your devices.

Learn About Essential Security Features

Now, let’s get into the anti-theft features. The most effective and necessary features to have include:

– Lockable zippers and loops
– Slash-proof fabric or cut-proof straps
– RFID-blocking material or pockets
– Rear-opening design for access near your back
– Low-profile, discreet appearance

Any backpack touting anti-theft claims should, at minimum, have these features. Other extras like anchor straps or whistles provide added security.

Evaluate Materials and Construction

Be sure to inspect the quality of materials and hardware used. The backpack should be made of durable, rip and water-resistant fabric. Zippers must be secure and sturdy enough to attach locks if needed.

Check that strap adjustments and closure clips are high-quality. Shoddy construction compromises durability and security.

Try It On for Fit and Comfort

The backpack needs to be comfortable if you’re going to wear it sightseeing all day. Try the bag on when it’s loaded to ensure the straps fit well and the weight is distributed properly across your shoulders.

Look for sufficient back padding and ventilation to prevent sweating. Sternum and waist straps also help take pressure off shoulders.

Read Reviews From Other Travelers

Finally, scour reviews from people who’ve actually used the backpack while traveling. They’ll highlight the pros and cons you may not think of and can reveal potential durability issues over time.

An informed buyer is a smart buyer when picking anti-theft bags. Follow this buying guide and you’ll find your perfect travel backpack match! Let me know if you have any other questions.

The Perfect Anti-Theft Companion

Well, there you have it – my picks for the top anti-theft travel backpacks for women. From classic and budget-friendly to sleek and high-tech, you’re sure to find the perfect backpack to secure your stuff in style.

No backpack can guarantee 100% theft prevention, of course. You still need to take basic safety precautions like concealing valuables, being aware of your surroundings, using hotel safes, avoiding deserted areas, etc.

Ensuring the durability and craftsmanship of a bag is crucial when evaluating its quality; however, for travelers, investing in a quality anti-theft travel backpack serves as an excellent first line of defense when sightseeing. Then, you can focus on enjoying your amazing trip instead of worrying about bag snatchers!”

With your new anti-theft backpack in tow, you have the freedom to confidently hop on trains, get lost in markets and immerse yourself in adventures abroad. It has your back – literally!

Let me know if you have any other questions about picking the best anti-theft backpack. I’m always happy to share tips and recommendations to equip my fellow female travelers. Safe and happy travels!


Q: Are anti-theft backpacks necessary for travel?

A: An anti-theft backpack isn’t mandatory but can provide useful peace of mind and security for your belongings when traveling. If you plan to use public transportation, attend crowded events or explore busy areas where pickpocketing is common, an anti-theft bag is highly recommended.

Q: What should I store in an anti-theft backpack?

A: Most people store their wallets, passports, travel documents, laptops, cameras, phones and other small valuables in an anti-theft bag. Anything you want to protect and don’t need immediate access to is best kept in your secure backpack.

Q: How can I identify an anti-theft backpack?

A: Look for backpacks with security features like lockable zippers, slash-proof materials, RFID-blocking technology and rear-opening designs. Avoid bags with easy-access outer pockets or flashy logos. Discreet and difficult to access compartments offer better security.

Q: Are anti-theft backpacks allowed as carry-ons?

A: Most anti-theft backpacks are carry-on compliant for airlines. But some with extensive lock designs or metal parts may require checking. If you plan to fly, double check your bag’s dimensions and security features meet your airline’s policies.

Q: Do anti-theft backpacks protect against scanning?

A: Backpacks with RFID-blocking technology help protect your credit cards, passports and ID from digital scanning and theft. Make sure your valuables are stored in RFID-safe pockets or compartments for the best scanning protection.

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