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5 things to leave at home during the honeymoon. The countdown for the long-awaited date has officially begun, right? And among the last things to settle for sure there will be yet another proof of the wedding makeup, still some appointments from the beautician for massages and waxing and finally the withdrawal of wedding favors … ah no! One more thing is still missing: preparing your honeymoon suitcase! In this regard, we give you some tips on what NOT to take with you, take note!

1. Computer5 things to leave at home during the honeymoon

Banned without any possibility of introducing your computer among your things, especially if you are used to working with it. Honeymoon is not just a holiday, you can do it and you have already done so many; it is instead a unique journey, which will forever mark your love story. In these romantic days, your desire should be just to walk hand in hand, discover new places together and share exciting and unforgettable moments. So do not leave space for work, messages, and e-mails and know that the project to be checked and finish will certainly think someone else, certainly not you!

2. Social Media

With the computer, if possible, leave all your “connections” at home, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. So out of your suitcase all social media, you end up wasting more time posting photos and commenting on them to enjoy what you are experiencing in reality! We know very well that you can not wait to show your friends what earthly paradise you are in, but you could do it safely when you return, leaving even a halo of mystery that never hurts.

Once back you can “post” all the photos you want, both the trip and the wedding, thus publishing the fabulous Caribbean sea, your beautiful wedding dress with siren or even shots taken with your friends in the fun moments of the photobooth , without forgetting to give a little taste of the fabulous DIY wedding favors that you have made with your own hands!

3. The superfluous

5 things to leave at home during the honeymoon

Before closing the suitcase (always if you succeed!) Think well if the 25 T-shirts and 20 pairs of elegant shoes that you have included are really necessary! Very often we women prepare a suitcase and we get a little ‘hand and every garment seems absolutely essential, even when in fact it is not. Our advice, since we know that you can not bring everything, is to examine the object in question and ask at least 3 times if it is really necessary!

4.Thanksgiving cards

5 things to leave at home during the honeymoon

The commitments for the wedding preparations are by now water, during the honeymoon, your only task will be to relax in the arms of your half and enjoy the journey that you have organized so hard. So take away the thank you cards that you are stealthily putting in your bag and leave them at home, write them down and send them on your return. If you have not yet purchased them, remember that they must be combined with wedding invitations.

5. The pre-marriage diet

5 things to leave at home during the honeymoon

Finally, the last thing to leave at home is the diet made for all the months before the wedding. The dress will have already been worn, and impeccably by the way, now you can give yourself a little temptation! You will think about your return to a possible post-marriage diet. After all, it’s always good to keep fit.