10 best islands in the world for honeymoon

best islands in the world

10 best islands in the world for honeymoon

Organize your wedding is wonderful but it is undeniable that it is also a bit ‘stressful, there are many issues to attend to such as choosing and sending wedding announcements most suitable and evaluation of catering for your wedding dinner. You must choose the best islands in the world for honeymoon.

But there you are, you have almost finished all the preparations, and you have finally found wedding favors for your guests, now you have to think about the honeymoon! And what way is perfect to enjoy those special weeks of post-wedding holidays, getting lost in paradise places where palms and white beaches are the settings for an unforgettable honeymoon?

Best islands in the world for honeymoon

If this is your intention, we propose 10 possible destinations, more and less distant: small terrestrial paradises for an extremely romantic honeymoon, without excessive hours of airplanes or large budgets available. Do we discover them together?

1. Playa Blanca, Cahuita. Costa Rica

Playa Blanca

See natural parks, wonderful sandy beaches, tropical forests .. Costa Rica is known for its spectacular nature! Surrounded by the forest, where you can lodge in lodges, the Parque Nacional de Cahuita, Costa Rica, hides a real treasure: Playa Blanca, a real Eden full of coral reefs, transparent waters and palm trees that reach the shore of the sea. What more could you ask for?

2. Crane Beach. Barbados

Crane Beach

Dream island with one of the most beautiful beaches in the world: Crane Beach. To enjoy it fully you will have to walk among majestic cliffs and, upon arrival, you will discover a breathtaking landscape of white and pink sand. The beach, located on the southern coast of the island, between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, will leave you speechless even for the changing color of its waters: from the deepest blue to transparent turquoise.

3. Rodrigues Island

Rodrigues Island

Rodrigues is a small island. It is located 600 km from the most famous Mauritius, in the middle of the Indian Ocean. Its capital, Port Mathurin, with just a little tourism, is a fascinating port in full virgin nature. Here you will find deserted beaches, like that of Trou d’Argent, where you will feel like shipwrecked adventures like Robinson Crusoe. The little world of natural heaven is additionally encompassed by blue lagoons and coral reefs where dolphins and whales swim.

4. Tulum. Mexico


Tulum is a unique place in the world, with dream beaches where the Maya raised a temple on the sea. One of these breathtaking beaches is Playa Paraiso, with turquoise waters nothing short of wonderful. You will enjoy all the pristine nature of the Mayan Riviera and just minutes from fabulous hotels!

5. Bandon Beach, Oregon

Bandon Beach

The United States. It is one of the most beautiful beaches in the United States, where you can contemplate magnificent sunsets and amazing sunrises. Bandon Beach is located in the south coast of the state of Oregon, in a resort that overlooks an extraordinary coastline where you can go surfing and go for long horse rides at sunset and sunrise, thanks to the horse rental service that is near the beach.

6. S’Alga, S’Espalmador, Formentera. Spain


You do not need to go to the other side of the world to find places of immemorial enchantment: the Balearic islands. For example, possess coves of indescribable beauty that will leave you speechless. At 200 meters from Formentera is S’Alga, located on the small island of Espalmador, a pristine white sand beach. It is covered by large juniper dunes and crystal clear waters that can be reached by boat from the port of La Sabina. You will feel like you’re practically in the Maldives. Also, always in the Balearics, find another little gem with incredible beaches to discover: the island of Menorca.

7. Calanque, France


All the south of France is wonderful. The most spectacular is where the sea is transparent, and the impressive backdrops are Calanque d’En-Vau, a “secret” bay reached by following a fairly steep path in the middle of a natural park.

8. Zakynthos Island Greece

Zakynthos Island Greece

Very famous for its white sandy beaches among incredible steep gorges, which can only be accessed through a boat: the Shipwreck or Navagio beach is one of those. In addition to these wonderful coastlines, the island has lush green fertile cliffs and plains, as in the rest of the Ionian islands.

9. The Island of Krk, Croatia

Island of Krk

More and more couples are choosing Croatia for their honeymoon. The reason is simple: almost 2 km of coastline on the Adriatic Sea, perfect climate, breathtaking scenery and over 1000 islands of unspoilt nature and incredible beaches: one of these is Stara Baska, located on the largest island of Croatia, a small beach white stones that sink into crystal clear waters that resemble the Bahamas.

10. Salina, Sicily, Italy

Salina, Sicily

If every year millions of tourists come to our country from abroad, there is a reason. Italy has nothing to envy to the goals mentioned above regarding natural and marine beauties. For a honeymoon not far you choose Salina, Isola Delle Eolie, famous for its scenery and spectacular sunsets. With the boat, you could reach Pollara, a resort characterized by beaches with azure waters, famous for having done the set for some scenes of the film by Troisi Il Postino.

Did you want to pack up for best islands in the world for honeymoon? Can not wait to make your promises and then fly to one of these heavenly places? Remember that between a wedding dress shop and the other, it is good to look for travel agencies and book well in advance the honeymoon of your dreams!

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