Birthday party ideas: How to prepare a party on the beach

birthday party ideas

Birthday party ideas: How to prepare a party on the beach

Birthday party ideas- Now that the summer arrives and the good weather, it’s time to spend more time on the beach. In Murcia we have some of the best! The beaches of the Mar Manor give a lot: you can spend the day, sunbathe, bathe and celebrate your own parties. In the Dos Mares shopping center we help you succeed this summer with these best birthday party ideas. Take note, you will be surprised!

We have summer here, the holidays come and the good weather encourages us to celebrate our meetings with friends in the open air. Why not do it on the beach? You will hardly find a better scenario than a good birthday party ideas and the noise of the waves a few meters away.  We give you some suggestions on how to prepare a party on the beach.

Birthday party ideas: A party at sunset

birthday party ideas

The first thing you should keep in mind is to choose the most appropriate time of the day for your party on the beach. Do you think it is best to invite your friends when the sun goes down and it is unbearably hot? Undoubtedly, the best option is when it gets dark: it is not so hot and you will be cooler.

Choose the most appropriate theme

You must also hit the theme of the party . Take advantage of being on the beach to choose a theme that is consistent. What do you think of a Hawaiian party? And an Beneficence? Without a doubt, they are two of the best ideas for your beach parties that you have.

Fresh fruit and refreshing drink

birthday party ideas

Choosing the menu is always one of the most complicated things of the holidays, do not you think? This day cannot miss the fresh fruit: pineapple, watermelon, melon … They are great! You can also prepare your own cocktails, sure your guests love them.

The decoration cannot miss

This day, choosing decoration is very easy: maritime objects. Fill the beach with shells, umbrellas, starfish, bottles with messages or tropical plants. It also fills the beach with cushions and rugs!

Lighting is very important

birthday party ideas

Another idea for your beach parties that you should keep in mind is lighting. Some torches or candles will create a beautiful atmosphere at your party, especially when the night falls.

Are you sure you have everything you need to organize your own beach parties this summer? Come to the Dos Mares shopping center and visit Carrefour, you will surely find everything you need.

Maritime decoration

Since we are on the beach, what better way to use a maritime decoration according to the occasion: starfish, fish, corals, umbrellas, crabs, and so on. Bright colors, flowers and candles are also very appropriate. In general elements that denote joy and are fun.

Paper lamps

 If your party is nocturnal, what better than a few paper lamps to create a tenuous and elegant atmosphere, and at the same time very simple. Discover how to make them easily and impress your guests.

Messages in a bottle

Do you want a nice detail? You can distribute messages, clues to make a game or gifts to the participants of the party in the Robinson Crusoe style. You can even store inside the map of some hidden treasure with gifts. Surely more than one is surprised.

Funny appetizers Surprise the guests with small appetizers of fun shapes, such as these chancla-shaped cookies. The appetizers with fish and seafood can be very favorable.

Fresh fruit

Summer is a perfect time to eat fresh fruit, and you can include it in your parties as an aperitif or complement for your cocktails. You can also unleash your imagination with original designs to make the most stylish fruit salads. For lack of variety of fruits, shapes and colors to combine will not be, of course. And if you do not know where to start, discover which are the most ideal summer fruits .


If we have previously talked about paper lamps, we can not fail to mention the torches and candles, which always create a magical atmosphere in any beach party worth its salt. Of course, you must ensure that on that particular beach it is not prohibited to light bonfires, as in many places.


If you do not want to sit directly on a towel or in the sand on the beach, bring a pouf-style cushion or cushion. To place the food and drink you can use a low table, with an appropriate decoration.


birthday party ideas

And as a finishing touch, what better than an appropriate musical accompaniment. And if it can be live, it would be a perfect plan. With a simple guitar is enough to set up a party in conditions, and if we already add some percussion, we have the full concert.

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