What to do in Kuta? A beautiful paradise of Indonesia

What to do in Kuta

What to do in Kuta? A beautiful paradise of Indonesia

Kuta is Bali’s most tourist destination and is especially popular with Australians thirsty for Bintang (the country’s beer). Kuta is synonymous with partying, surfing, tacky t-shirts, burned bodies that have turned pink, shopping centers with an exotic look, imitations of footwear and clothing, cheap souvenirs and stickers with absurd writings, hotels and resorts on the beach.

Kuta is a lost paradise, asphalt, bindings and shots of tequila, lag, extremely persistent street vendors, disoriented and sweaty clad tourists walking on the beach and also Indonesians with real blond wicks to surf every day of the year.

What to do in Kuta?

Many people who plan to go to Bali read reviews about Kuta in blogs and ask in forums if Kuta is worth visiting. We encourage ourselves to respond.

If something is bright, is that if Kuta were a person, his ears would sound so bad that they talk about it. However, we believe that YES is worth visiting Kuta (at least after giving it a second chance). It is part of Bali, and although it has earned that bad reputation and even some see it as the “shame” of Bali, we believe that it is worth seeing this kind of place to at least judge.

We would NOT spend more than one (or at most two days) in Kuta because there is much to see, we do not move 12,000km to party and lie in the sun and because we attract other culturally more vibrant places. Also, there are sites more beautiful and paradisiacal than Kuta to enjoy that combination of beach and partying.

What to do in Kuta

As Kuta is close to the Ngurah Rai airport in Denpasar, it is likely that you will start or end your trip in this area of ​​Bali or that in some part of the journey it suits you/you have no choice but to stay overnight in Kuta or spend the day there.

That’s why we propose ideas and plans to survive in Kuta and even proposals to make you enjoy your stay if you plan to stay there for 1 or 2 days and without getting your “fauna” out of your mind. The important thing is that you are clear about where you are going and that way you will not be disappointed:

📌Purchase the souvenirs of the trip in Kuta

Even if you say you do not buy souvenirs, admit that at least one magnet for your parents or a T-shirt for your cousin you take. Kuta is the best place in Bali to buy cheap, and the experience is intense.

In Kuta, you will find streets full of sneakers, souvenirs, beach dresses, key chains, travel bags, sunglasses, etc. Where you have more to choose from is in « Jalan Legian » and the alleys called « Poppies Lane 1 » and « Poppies Lane 2 «. Bargaining in Bali or buying can be overwhelming, so we recommend leaving shopping for a day, instead of buying in each site. Also, the more things you buy at the same time, the better price you can get by bargaining.

📌 Eat in the shopping center «Kuta Beachwalk»

On the terrace of the shopping center there are stands with typical Indonesian food and around it is full of tables for you to eat, type picnic. The payment system is impressive: you will see the main counter, you must carry a card with money that will be used to pay at any of the stands, and if you do not spend everything, they will refund the amount at the end of the meal at the same counter. Each of the positions serves different types of food.

Kuta Beachwalk

📌Rent a surfboard

At Kuta beach, you can find many types of surfboards according to your level and what is most abundant are “corks” for beginners. It is a perfect place to learn to surf since the bottom is sand and not coral and generally there are waves or “mounds” of a size sufficient for those who want to start. The locals also enjoy them, but they surf at other times (first thing in the morning when the tide is high and in the afternoon when the light goes out, and the sharks come out – there is not, it was good to say).

We recommend that you do not enter the water in the morning because it will be difficult for you to paddle and the waves can be powerful. So, the best time to surf is at noon between 1 pm and 4 pm) and you can rent surfboards from 80,000rp.

Discover the bottom of the ocean: If you do not like the sun, do some snorkeling or dare with something new like being a Seawalker, the unique underwater monsters.

📌Enjoy the sunset on the beach

One of the best things about Kuta. When the sun’s rays hide, the beach begins to swarm with people (especially the tourists from the neighboring island, Java) and the atmosphere changes completely. Some play football; others play the guitar, others take photos with the “boleh” or blanquitos, the vendors go hunting and others wait to watch the nightfall.

📌Walk and observe

Kuta is quite an experience. It is impossible to get bored because you will always see great scenes and you will even want to write an anthropology book. You are in one of the main streets, and you turn your head and see the monkey boy, who takes the sick animal tied with a leash so that tourists (without brains) take pictures with him.

Do you still walk and listen to the common phrase “transport”? “Do you need a helicopter?” (This time they do not suggest you take them by car, but in a helicopter, because they are bored of repeating the same phrase, every day of the year more than a thousand times a day.) They need to change their routine.

You walk through “Poppies Lane 1,” and you come across a group of five Australians who have already taken around at 11 and will continue until midnight. Finally, on the beach, you listen to the conversations of local young guys who have drinks stands. They have no worries, they laugh at nonsense, talk to tourists, surf and swim in a swimsuit all day and cover themselves under the trees just outside the entrance doors to the beach. The most curious thing is that when they see an airplane take off from the airport that is a few km away, they guess what plane it is and where it is going (because they spend all day there and they know all the schedules and they have nothing better to do).

La Plancha

📌Dinner or drink something at «La Plancha»

There are many warungs and restaurants around the main streets, but we recommend you to go to the next beach « Seminyak » and enjoy dinner at this place called «La Plancha.» It has armchairs and armchairs in the sand of the beach, the area is very colorful, and there is live music or Dj’s. The style is quite relaxed and ” chill out.”

There are many options for partying in Kuta, but we recommend having a few beers in the bar ” Alleycats,” and for those who want to extend the party we suggest the disco ” Sky Garden.” It must be said that in Bali the party starts before and at 9-22pm the places begin to fill up, so it also ends earlier and at 2 or 3 it is an excellent time to retire.

Throughout the day there are many clubs that distribute flyers so you can enter freely and specifically for the disco “Sky Garden” serves until 10pm . It is a very large 5 or 6-story nightclub with a main stage (where exhibitions and acrobatics are sometimes held ) and above all there is a terrace .

📌Take a tour around Kuta

Do not be lazy. Rent a motorcycle or drive with a driver. There are some excursions to visit the Templates del Sur (Uluwatu and Jimbaran).

RECOMMENDED: The tour that takes you to Tanah Lot, Ulun Danu Batur and Taman Ayun. Spectacular for the sunset.

Breakfast as a king: This option is for night owls. For those who do not arrive at breakfast time at the hotel or homestay. There are many restaurants that serve breakfast late and for 30,000rp you can choose a good continental breakfast (toast, croissants, juice and coffee) or also Indonesian breakfast, to start the day with energy (rice, noodles and chicken).

Maybe some of these plans are designed for the youngest, but you can adapt them according to your travel profile. I know of some who had a good time in Kuta and have more than fifty tacos (no surfing or a bright party ha ha ha). And if in the end, nothing convinces you, nothing like escaping to the Gili Islands to overcome;)

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