The 7 best bachelor party destinations

best bachelor party destinations

The 7 best bachelor party destinations

Is your friend of the soul getting married and you are lucky (or unfortunate) to have to organize the bachelorette party? Relax or adventure? Costume yes or costume no? Near or far? Do not despair, we are here to give you a cable. At Expedia, we’ve analyzed our guest reviews across all destinations to reveal which sites they like the most for stag parties (or bachelorette parties!). Europe or the United States, beach or city, beer or whiskey … they come in all colors!

1. Las Vegas, for a movie farewellbest bachelor party destinations

It is no coincidence that they chose this destination to set the legendary Hangover in Las Vegas. You may not have to reach the level of Bradley Cooper and company (stealing police cars or putting a tiger in the bathroom almost better avoid it), but it is certainly an ideal place to celebrate a bachelor party of those that make history, in the most movie style. Renting a luxury suite that you will never see again, flying in a Top Gun fighter plane, going on a horseback excursion through the Wild West like John Wayne are just some of the options you have, in addition to the incomparable offer of casinos, strip clubs, and pool parties … Are you more of Showgirls or Ocean’s Eleven? Everything goes here.

2. Prague, much more than cheap beerbest bachelor party destinations

It was not enough for him to be one of the main romantic destinations in Europe and the central stage of the typical Vienna-Prague-Budapest end-of-year trip (or any Interrail that boasts): the Czech capital is also the first European destination for farewells single, and with good reason. Although it all started with low-cost flights to Prague from the UK and the price of beer, the city has managed to jump on the bandwagon of farewells and now offers a wide range of activities dedicated to this type of public: from private spas with strippers to party cruises on the river, passing through paintballs or the bicibirras , beer bars on wheels that will allow you to tour the city without having to stop to drink.

3. New Orleans, partying among crocodiles

Another of the most partying destinations in the United States could not be missing from this list: the queen of the carnival at Mardi Gras, the cradle of jazz, the northern Caribbean … the mythical New Orleans. You will find the ideal setting for a farewell through the streets of the French Quarter, starting with the indescribable Bourbon Street: it is full of concert halls, karaoke bars, and strip clubs. If you are looking for something (a bit) less touristy, Frenchmen Street welcomes a different type of public in its jazz and funk venues. During the day, you have a choice: you can sail among alligators through the swamps or set sail from the port in a beautiful steamboat, as well as tour the beautiful neighborhoods of New Orleans.

4. Miami Beach, in the purest American stylebest bachelor party destinations

The best thing after a night out is a day at the beach (under the umbrella and with a good bottle of water at hand; hangover and sun are not a good combination), and Miami Beach is the perfect place for it. During the day, you can go to Key West to see dolphins, take a walk on Ocean Drive, rent a motorboat and go into the sea, or try paragliding (if you don’t dare, maybe the one who will give the “yes” I want ”in a few days… fun is guaranteed!). And at night, you can go out dancing until dawn in South Beach, where the mega-clubs are with trendy DJs that make Miami nightlife famous, bring out the four steps of salsa that you know in Little Havana or sit down to drink cocktails in elegant surroundings with ocean views in the Coconut Grove area.

5. Dublin, does the expression pub crawl sound familiar to you?

Make no mistake, every self-respecting bachelor party usually has a good supply of alcohol … And there is no better place than Dublin to drink properly. With the excuse of tourism, you can visit the Guinness brewery (and try a few) or the Jameson whiskey distillery (and taste one or the other), before following the party from pub to pub (what they call pub crawl ) all over the Temple Bar area. As the liver is not to blame for your friend getting married, during the day you can give a sporty touch to the trip … And I don’t mean to do sports, but to go see a game of rugby or even greyhound racing, why not?

6. Hamburg, massages and good music

To Germany for a party? Doesn’t it just fit you? Well, wait to see how they spend it in Hamburg. It has something for everyone: from beauty and relaxation treatments at the main venues in Nivea or Dove to the places to go out in the St. Pauli neighborhood, where you can find Reeperbahn Street, known as “Sin Mile” for its inexhaustible collection of places dedicated to sex in all its forms (from sex shops to live sex theaters, through countless strip clubs ). Of course, you don’t have to go that far either, as you will also find the typical rock clubs, trendy pubs, and nightclubs where you can give it your all until the late hours.

7. Magaluf (Calviá), on the edge of lack of control

And … surprise, surprise! The last destination on the list is in our country. And although Ibiza is historically the queen of parties, for bachelor parties Mallorca has more appeal, and not only among the British. Specifically, Magaluf has become famous for offering unparalleled lag at a great price. It is the queen of the open bar, and of the Jägerbomb, but it is also perfect for having fun and relaxing during the day: try a quad excursion, a cruise, a wine tasting or simply an afternoon of sun and beach with friends to gather strength for the night. It will come in handy if you want the rhythm to not stop!

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