What Is Useful Vacation At Sea For Human Health?

What Is Useful Vacation At Sea For Human Health?

What Is Useful Vacation At Sea For Human Health?

What is good for summer vacation at sea? Why do we like to have a rest by the sea? Physiologists explain: the rhythmic sound of the surf resembles the heartbeat of a relaxed person. That is why its sound is so soothing. Of course, this is not the only reason.

Which of the seas is the most useful? It all depends on what kind of health problems you want to solve. If we talk about the composition of seawater, then the greatest concentration of nutrients in the Dead Sea. But in Israel in the summer is very hot, and in Europe on the Black Sea coast of the Caucasus or in the Crimea – just right.

So rest on the Black or Mediterranean seas will bring no less benefit. For those who do not like to roast in the sun at all, a mild climate of the Baltic States is an excellent option. In short, any choice is right if you like it.

Sea health benefits

What Is Useful Vacation At Sea For Human Health?


French biologist Rene Kenton proved: sea water is so similar in composition to the plasma of human blood that can penetrate through the pores of the skin into the blood, activating the construction of cells and enriching the body with minerals:

  • Magnesium (improves immunity),
  • calcium (strengthens bones),
  • iodine (normalizes metabolic processes),
  • potassium ( normalizes blood pressure),
  • Bromine (soothes nerves).

What is a useful summer vacation at sea? Seawater helps to treat various inflammations, heals wounds and scratches. By the way, from seawater hairs naturally, begin to curl. No wonder she is part of some cosmetics with a similar effect.

What Is Useful Vacation At Sea For Human Health?


If you are not allergic to sea salt, do not wash it off after swimming for at least half an hour. Its minerals and trace elements nourish and strengthen the skin, hair, and nails.

It is believed that seawater strongly dries the skin. This is not quite so: just water droplets on the body turn into a kind of lenses that enhance the effects of sunlight. Therefore, after bathing it is worth wetting the skin with a towel, and not to dry in the wind.

But the sea bathing on the hair is not the best way: they become hard, dry and naughty. To protect them, immediately rinse your head with fresh water and apply a protective spray or natural oil (palm, coconut). Or just wear a wide-brimmed hat.

What Is Useful Vacation At Sea For Human Health?


The sea breeze saturates the body with bromine and magnesium ions, and oxygen, filled with iodine particles, will help to heal from pulmonary diseases, improve the functioning of the thyroid gland, strengthen the nervous and immune systems.

It is especially good to walk along the beach after a storm: the air at that time is saturated with seaweed mineral salts and phytoncides. This “sea cocktail” is also useful for the skin: it enriches it with the necessary substances, moisturizes and improves elasticity.

The benefits of a vacation at sea for the body

What Is Useful Vacation At Sea For Human Health?


Love to swim in the waves? Physiotherapists claim that this type of activity is similar to a therapeutic massage. Moreover, such bathing tones up tighten the skin and improve blood circulation. And also swimming in cool water is an excellent gymnastics for vessels: at first they narrow, then expand again.

What is useful to vacation at sea for health and beauty: “massage” of blood vessels accelerates metabolism and promotes weight loss. By the way, having flown a hundred meters, we expend as much energy as during a 1 km race.

What Is Useful Vacation At Sea For Human Health?


Burying in the sand is not just beach fun. This method is the basis of psychotherapy (sand treatment), which helps with diseases of the muscles and joints. Just keep in mind: you can dig in hot sand no higher than the heart area, and you should cover your head with a wet towel.

Daily 15-20 minutes in such a sand bath will start metabolic processes and help you lose weight. All you need to do at least 5-7 procedures. Pebbles is no less useful. Warm smooth pebbles can be used for stone therapy and reflexology. A walk on the pebbles barefoot improves health and mood, because the feet have many active points.

What Is Useful Vacation At Sea For Human Health?

The sun

Vitamin D is produced in the body by exposure to sunlight. Enough to spend only 30 minutes in the sun to ensure against the deficiency of this valuable vitamin. The main thing is to remember that sunbathing is useful only in the early morning and after 4 pm, as well as in the “lace shadow”. And even under these conditions, sunscreen is required.

What Is Useful Vacation At Sea For Human Health?


Fresh fish, seafood, algae – they contain many useful nutrients and vitamins, and algae also contribute to the breakdown of fat. Algae – one of the most powerful means of combating cellulite and flabby skin.

Due to the high content of minerals, various sugars, and vitamins, algae extracts normalize metabolism, activate the work of skin cells and remove toxins. What is useful for the rest of the sea for the human body you have learned from this article.

Have a good vacation at sea!

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