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Honeymoon: 4 tips to make sure nothing is missing in your suitcase. Think of wedding favors, turn the most popular shops in the center to find the elegant shoes in the pendant, do the tests of makeup, there are many voices to think about for the wedding. But as soon as the dream in white is crowned, your first trip arrives as a newlywed and it can happen that among the many things to think about you forget something useful for the trip. Moreover, if you think that you will not have much time available since you take off your wedding dress and pick up the ticket for two, it is best to prepare in advance all that you will need for your honeymoon.

1. Prepare a listHoneymoon: 4 tips to make sure nothing is missing in your suitcase

After the list of invitations to the wedding, another one arrives: do not worry, this is easier and faster and will allow you to organize yourself at the top. Even if you have an elephant’s memory, it is always a good habit to write down everything you need to leave nothing to chance. You can sort the list by category, (for example clothing, beauty, accessories and so on) or simply put down what comes to mind spontaneously.

The important thing is to always write small notes and not blindly trust your memory so as not to find unpleasant surprises when you are away from home. Better to use a simple sheet that you can take anywhere you want rather than a computer or another device. At the limit, use the mobile phone to create your personal reminder. Also, even if you have different needs, you can create a small duplicate for the spouse for everything that will serve both. It is one of the best traveling tips for a honeymoon.

2. Take the right necessaryHoneymoon: 4 tips to make sure nothing is missing in your suitcase

All right, bring along a couple of put chic, but do not pull out of the closet shoes stylish women never wear that still have the tag attached. Remember that the list includes various items in the chapter. Think about the destination, inquire through the internet about the temperatures and the climate of the season and measure yourself accordingly. In between the day of the Yes and the departure a very short time will pass, it is better to play in advance at least a week before and start putting aside at least the clothes.

As for clothing, create different looks so you do not get caught up. On holiday there is always space to share unexpected experiences, such as a sports activity or participation in a mundane event that requires a certain outfit, so remember to put in the trolley both everyday clothes and long formal dresses for any eventuality. Avoid overly bulky clothes that can steal valuable space from more important things. Last but not least, remember to also bring some medicines you might need and which you could not find. It is one of the best traveling tips for a honeymoon.

3. Always leave a little spaceHoneymoon: 4 tips to make sure nothing is missing in your suitcase

Are you sitting on your suitcase that does not want to shut down? Perhaps it is appropriate to lighten it a little. It is always good to leave a small empty space because, even if you have drawn up a list and removed from time to time all that you have entered, you may think of thinking at the last moment about something that you can not give up.

Even if you are about to leave for a destination with the taste of the sea and those jewel sandals in front of you would fit perfectly with your dress occupying the only space left, give up the temptation and remember our advice. Definitely, then, on the road, you will certainly buy souvenirs that will increase the volume of the suitcase. Or your partner may need a small part of your space … In short, there are many reasons to keep in mind so do not take advantage of the entire capacity, follow our suggestion and you will not regret!  It is one of the best traveling tips for a honeymoon.

4. Weigh the suitcase and read the airline’s regulation wellHoneymoon: 4 tips to make sure nothing is missing in your suitcase

Sooner or later comes the fateful moment of the trial of nine. It is the balance that has the power to decide on what you will bring with you or leave home next to your wedding dress in lace, so stick to the threshold set by the regulation of the airline you fly with, otherwise, you will incur penalties. There are maximum standard limits for both the weight of the suitcase and the hand baggage that vary depending on the flight line.

In addition, on the same regulation will be present all the necessary information if you want to bring liquids in your hand baggage. In order not to say goodbye to creams, toothpaste, lotions, and perfumes it will be necessary, in fact, to limit yourself to carrying maximum 100 ml of liquid (this is the standard rule) inside a transparent opening bag.  It is one of the best traveling tips for a honeymoon.