10 alternative destinations for your honeymoon

10 alternative destinations for your honeymoon

10 alternative destinations for your honeymoon

The honeymoon is something to think about even before buying the wedding dress. Although many couples have long been clear about the destination, it is often difficult to find an agreement. As well as wedding favors, even the destination of the journey is a decision that belongs to both. Set aside wedding invitations for a moment and look for the perfect destination for you.

South Africa: a journey of a thousand shades10 alternative destinations for your honeymoon

Visiting South Africa means taking a trip full of strong emotions. You will immerse yourself in fascinating cultures, you will hold your hand in front of breathtaking sunsets, you will be surprised in front of the majesty of the animals in a photographic safari … But above all, you will totally unplug the plug from the daily routine. To stay on the subject: do you know that there are solidarity wedding favors for African families?

Indonesia: not just Bali

Indonesia, it is true, is a very popular destination for honeymooners, but in general, we simply relax and enjoy the enchantment of the beaches of Bali. But if you are looking for more local experience to get to know the reality of the archipelago, visit the almost untouched island of Sumatra. Lose yourself in its omnipresent nature, see an orangutan up close and whisper phrases of love by the sea: it will be an experience to remember for a lifetime. It is one of the best alternative destinations.

Norway: when the cold warms the heart

If you don’t like the usual beach and sun holiday, but still want to enjoy the beauty of the sea, the trip for you is a cruise in the Norwegian Fjords. Icy landscapes with sublime charm, suggestive late sunsets, and unspoiled nature will be the backdrop for a whirlwind of emotions to share. Ideal especially if you leave between May and August. It is one of the best alternative destinations.

Costa Rica: exotic nature

Do you want to enjoy a well-deserved relaxation but without giving up exciting and unrepeatable activities? The Republic of Costa Rica offers a perfect combination of everything you can ask for on a trip. Relax in the Caribbean Sea, go trekking exploring its forests or try your hand at adventure sports on the Pacific coast. For this goal, remember to pack both elegant and gym shoes! It is one of the best alternative destinations.

Germany: the castles of Bavaria10 alternative destinations for your honeymoon

Are you looking for a trip that makes you feel like the protagonists of a fairy tale? The Bavarian castles are magical places to visit together. Neuschwanstein is said to have served as an inspiration for many Disney cartoons … If you are an incurable romantic, you can’t miss it! You can take the tour by car or by bus and, between one castle and another, visit famous cities like Munich. Bring with you an elegant ceremonial dress, for sure you will have the opportunity to show it off for a romantic dinner!

Azores: a European paradise

To find real earthly paradises, there is no need to change the continent. Europe hides a thousand wonders that we sometimes underestimate. That of the Azores is an archipelago of Portugal located in the heart of the Atlantic Ocean; its islands offer the opportunity to relax and enjoy the beauty of wild nature. A perfect destination especially if you get married in the summer months. It is one of the best alternative destinations.

United States: travel on the road

If your dream is to visit the USA but the usual tour doesn’t convince you, organize a trip on the road stopping to visit the cities you prefer. You can do it in a sports car or motorcycle … only for the most adventurous spirits! From the classic Route 66 to coast to coast from San Francisco to New York, the possibilities are endless. If you choose this trip, you could create original wedding invitations with the theme of the street.

Japan: for trekking enthusiasts

Japan is a country to be seen at least once in life: enchanting temples, huge manga shops, delicious food, and breathtaking views make this archipelago a unique place in the world. But if you have already done the classic tour, know that Japan is also an ideal destination for trekking, following one of the suggestive routes of Kumano Kodo. It is one of the best alternative destinations.

New Zealand: the last Eden

For lovers of unspoiled nature and animals, New Zealand is a true paradise. Walking through volcanoes, dunes and black beaches, spotting whales and penguins, sailing for the fjords: this country will allow you to live unique experiences and remain forever in your heart. It is one of the best alternative destinations.

Trans-Siberian: for train lovers

From Russia to China via Mongolia: the Trans-Siberian railway line is the longest in the world and allows you to observe a thousand wonders of these three countries from a window. If luxury is not your priority and you enjoy traveling by train, we assure you that this experience will be unforgettable. Remember, however, to calculate in your budget expenses for round-trip air travel.

And where will you spend your honeymoon? Whatever your destination, remember to book as early as possible, so you can quietly dedicate yourself to other commitments, such as searching for bridal shoes or wedding favors. And if you are looking for an original idea, leave clues on your trip to the guests, perhaps personalizing the wedding placeholders.

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