Honeymoon Destinations:Honeymoon in Indonesia

Honeymoon Destinations:Honeymoon in Indonesia

Honeymoon Destinations:Honeymoon in Indonesia

A few days before the wedding, after putting your wedding dress back in the grandma’s trunk. And removing the men’s formal dress in the dry cleaner’s, the only thing you have to do is to close the bags. Leave for your honeymoon without forgetting a beautiful ceremony dress for romantic evenings. And what if this honeymoon has the wild colors and charm of Indonesia? Welcome to this raw, intimate and mystical land.

The colors of emotions

With its 13,677 islands, it represents one of the most sought after destinations. Because it embraces different aspects typical of a honeymoon: relaxation after managing organizational commitments. From wedding invitations to the accommodation of the house; the discovery of new cultures with an all-oriental charm. And so different from our everyday life; the uncontaminated nature of the jungle, of the volcanoes that mixes with the beauty of the beaches and the ocean pits.

The seductive BaliHoneymoon Destinations:Honeymoon in Indonesia

Beaches, culture, and nature. Bali is all of this, but to fully enter into its spirit. It is good to move away from the coast to head towards the hinterland where it is possible to savor a decidedly more authentic atmosphere among the rice paddies. The thousand faces of its inhabitants and the Hindu temples like that of Tanah Lot or that of Ulun Danu Bratan. If you are an adventure lover, do not forget to stop at the crystal-clear Sekumpul waterfalls. Or the Gitgit waterfalls surrounded by the rainforest. Finally, let yourself go to relax on the honeymoon and indulge in pampering wellness in the SPA or scuba diving on the seabed. It is one of the best place honeymoon in Indonesia.

The majestic Java

One of the first attraction points of Java is surely the fake metropolis of Yogyakarta where. After visiting Kraton palace or the palace of the sultan. You can dedicate yourself to some moments of healthy shopping in search of an elegant ceremony dress to celebrate a special occasion. They also deserve the temple of Prambanan with its relief decorations; the fascinating sunset at Borobudur, a Buddhist temple called UNESCO heritage; the lakes of Dieng Plateau; an excursion on the Bromo volcano where you can take postcards of priceless beauty. And a fascinating trekking adventure on the crater of the Ljen volcano among the sulfur miners.

Kalimantan: in the heart of Indonesian Borneo

From a rugged and wild area, Kalimantan today faces the world with not a few Western incursions. But still remains a destination of great uncontaminated charm. A must is Tanjung Puting National Park, famous as an orangutan rehabilitation center. To which you can add rafting in the tropical forest of Loksado. It is one of the best place honeymoon in Indonesia. A visit the last Dayak women with long ears. And a relaxing break in the Derawan archipelago between corals and sea turtles.

Lombok: a trip to the most authentic Indonesia

From Sembalun you can abandon your elegant shoes to start your tour in search of the rice fields. The volcanic and natural areas of the Indonesian jungle. Lombok is, in fact, the territory of the frozen Senaru waterfalls, of the windy beaches of Tanjung Aan, perfect for snorkeling, or of the pink beach ( Tangsi Beach ) a beach with very fine and delicate pink granules. It is one of the best place honeymoon in Indonesia.

Sulawesi, between history and culture

An obligatory pit stops to return home with a beautiful baggage also rich in history and culture. This is, in fact, the area villages Toraja with the majestic homes by arched roofs. And multicolored walls that arise in the face of twisted paddy fields. It is one of the best place honeymoon in Indonesia. Is also the area that houses the town of Lemo where among fearless rocks full of caves. And tunnels are located the graves Toraja.

Small curiosities

Vaccinations: no particular vaccinations are required, it is advisable to bring a supply of medicines for any eventuality and to exercise caution avoiding to come into contact with non-drinking water such as ice, vegetables, and unpeeled fruit.

Time zone: compared to Italy, +6 hours for Java; +7 hours for Bali, Lombok and neighboring islands; +8 hours for eastern Indonesia.

How to communicate: in addition to Bahasa Indonesia which is the official language, the most common European languages ​​are English and German.

Currency: the local currency is the Indonesian Rupiah and the current exchange rate recorded in October 2017 is around 16,000 Rp for € 1.

Necessary documents: the only document required is a passport valid for at least six months from the date of entry. Italian travelers coming from the main international airports can stay in Indonesia for a maximum of 30 days starting from the day of arrival, without applying for a visa.

Clothing: sporty, practical for hiking in the forests; always prefer to dress in layers , mainly with fabrics like linen and cotton; don’t forget hiking boots or shoes ; choose a clothing suitable for places of worship for entering the temples, especially if you will attend Hindu ceremonies and rites, alternatively, you can rent a sarong (pareo) that will cover your body from the waist down; for relaxing destinations don’t forget a short ceremony dress ideal for dinners by the sea.

What to eat: among the gastronomic specialties, remember to taste the nasi goreng, a typical dish based on fried rice with coconut oil and seasoned with eggs, meat, tomato, and pepper; the rijstafel, a very tasty dish mainly based on mixed meat, fish, vegetables and curries.

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