6 possible destinations for a honeymoon at Christmas

6 possible destinations for a honeymoon at Christmas

6 possible destinations for a honeymoon at Christmas

6 possible destinations for a honeymoon at Christmas. Deciding to take the honeymoon during the Christmas period is a good idea on many fronts: to begin with you will spend a very special Christmas, also will allow you to take more time for you, combining the days of marriage leave with those holidays. But where can you go? We have searched for 6 possible destinations: take a break from writing wedding invitations, read this article and you will see that you can not wait to take off your wedding dress to start packing!

1. Costa Rica6 possible destinations for a honeymoon at Christmas

There is no doubt if you are looking for a hot honeymoon even in the Christmas period,  Costa Rica is the destination for you. This small state of South America, facing from one side on the Pacific Ocean and on the other on the Caribbean Sea, from December to April lives its dry season. This means that you can benefit from all the benefits of the sun that warms its fine beaches, bathed by a crystalline sea and surrounded by a laughing jungle. In particular, you can not miss the Tortuguero National Park, located on the Caribbean coast and also known as the Little Amazonia for its luxuriant vegetation. It is one of the best places for a honeymoon at Christmas.

2.Miami6 possible destinations for a honeymoon at Christmas

Another perfect destination for spending the Christmas holidays and celebrating your wedding in Florida, especially Miami. In this holiday-looking and international city, the Christmas tradition is very strong. December proves to be the perfect month to appreciate its atmosphere: in this period you can participate in numerous theatrical, artistic and musical events. An example is the Winterfest Boat, which by the 12th of the month will give an impressive display of lights reflected on the sea: it is the parade of boats that sail toward the Intracoastal to the southern part of Atlantic Blvd, on Santa Barbara Lake inPompano Beach. Of course, during the day you can enjoy all the benefits of the warm climate, staying on the beach as long as you wish, to exchange romantic phrases illuminated by the light of the sunset. It is one of the best places for a honeymoon at Christmas.

3. Sydney6 possible destinations for a honeymoon at Christmas

How do you celebrate Christmas in Australia? In a bikini, boxer shorts and flip-flops of course! Yes, because the Australian December will give you an average temperature that is around 30 °, ideal for sunbathing on the beach and surfing wearing Santa’s hat. The truth is that the Christmas spirit here is very strong: Australians love to gather with family and friends to the traditional barbecue on the beach, to exchange greetings. In Sydney, for example, the favorite destination for tourists to spend Christmas is Bondi Beach, but nothing will prevent you from organizing a romantic Christmas picnic in one of the many city parks. Finally, if you want to fully enter the spirit of Australia, you can not miss the traditional turkey as the main course and, as a dessert, the delicious Christmas Pudding.

4. Stuttgart and Heidelberg6 possible destinations for a honeymoon at Christmas

If instead the cold does not frighten you and indeed you think there is no Christmas without snow, then we advise you to stay in Europe because its countries, especially those further north, have a lot to offer you. For a start, a stop at traditional Christmas markets is a must. Among the most evocative, in addition to the local stalls of Bolzano and Merano, there are undoubtedly the romantic German cities of Stuttgart and Heidelberg. Here, in the main squares, you can stock up on handmade objects from raw materials such as wood and wool, but above all drink a steaming cup of gluhwein. This delicious spicy mulled wine will warm up as you walk through the Christmas lights of the historic center, exchanging sweetest love phrases.

5. Krakow6 possible destinations for a honeymoon at Christmas

Finally, if you really want to immerse yourself in the Christmas spirit, Krakow is the destination for you. This charming city of Poland, at Christmas, gives its best: in the historic center – considered UNESCO World Heritage – the view of the ancient horse-drawn carriages and the snow cover that almost certainly will cover the huge market square, will fill you the eyes of magic. Right here, between the Clock Tower and the splendid St. Mary’s Basilica, traditional Christmas markets are set up every year and the famous Szopki, the Krakow cribs competition, takes place. It is one of the best places for a honeymoon at Christmas.

6. Brussels6 possible destinations for a honeymoon at Christmas

Another city that will give you some beautiful Christmas markets in Brussels. The capital of Belgium, famous for its houses painted with wonderful comic-themed murals, is also known for street food: while humming jingle bells through its streets, you will feel the inviting scent of traditional waffles or sugar the irresistible aroma of the typical french fries served in the cardboard cone. If instead, your weakness is chocolate, you have arrived in the Country of Toys: around the main square, you can find numerous shops where you can buy refined pralines and chocolates filled with the most delicious ingredients. Finally, do not forget to take a photo at the immense Christmas tree that is set up in Grote Markt, especially when it is evening and its many lights make it shine with magic.


What do you think of these 6 goals? We hope to have given you some ideas to decide how to spend your Christmas honeymoon and do not forget to include in your wedding invitations the business card of the travel agency with which you decide to organize the most romantic trip of your life in one of these destinations!


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