An unforgettable honeymoon: unique destinations for special lovers

unforgettable honeymoon

An unforgettable honeymoon: unique destinations for special lovers

Unforgettable honeymoon– If you are immersed in the great adventure of  your wedding, surely you are already immersed in the universe of tasks and negotiations that entails such an important celebration. Among the main issues that must be left with several months in advance of the big day, is one of the most desired and desired by the future spouses: the choice of destination for the honeymoon. Because, to put the icing on so many months of stress and preparations, there is nothing better than choosing the destination that you have always dreamed of and visiting it as a husband and wife.

That you have not decided yet? We propose some unique and unique places that, promised, will turn your honeymoon into an experience that you will remember all your life. Paradisiacal beaches, cultural trips or cruises to the frozen lands of the north. The offer of honeymoon trips is endless … the important thing is that this great trip becomes the perfect opportunity to celebrate your union.

Trip to the antipodes: discovering Australia an unforgettable honeymoon

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If until now the proposals have liked you but you have not felt that final tingling in your stomach, calm. We have another option that you can not say no to.

Australia, the country furthest away from Spain, cradle of unique animal species in the world, is the most risky and expensive but also the most exciting and amazing.

Australia is an authentic paradise that, despite having a large part of the desert territory, allows tourists to visit several natural parks and more than 700 lakes.

And since not everything is going to be land, it is essential to visit the Great Barrier Reef, the largest in the world!

Diving in it is a unique experience because there is no better place than this to enjoy a unique ecosystem in the world. From Cairns you can hire full day excursions in mini cruises to get up there, swim, snorkel and enjoy the natural wonders of the reef.

There is so much to see, feel and know in Australia, it is advisable to have more than 20 days off to visit it. In addition to the endless journey to reach it (which we assure is worthwhile), the richness of its regions will make you want to spend many more days discovering what the ocean continent hides.

If you are a traveling couple, you have a medium level of English, you are more of a city than a beach but you love nature, you are used to carry a backpack and to make long walks through the countryside or the metro in equal parts … Australia is your destination.

The first recommendation is to visit the two most important cities: Sydney and Melbourne.

The first one was founded in 1788 and is the oldest city in Australia. In it live 4 million inhabitants separated into two areas, the North and the South, connected by the Harbor Bridge and by an underwater tunnel.

Taking some photos in the famous Opera House or in one of its renowned beaches such as Manly or Blondie Beach is an essential requirement to have validated our stay in the country.

Melbourne is a little smaller, has three million inhabitants, and is characterized by being a more modern city that offers a rich cultural and gastronomic offer.

In it you should visit the Fitzroy Gardens, Federation Square, the National Victoria Museum or the Cathedral of Santa Paul.

After your first days in the city, we recommend you to enjoy some other days in Kangaroo Island , an island in the south of the country where you can visit farms where you feed pelicans and sea lions, and also feed the wanted kangaroos.

It is a natural and wild space where animals roam freely and the perfect place to meet and enjoy the unique Australian fauna. You will live with seals, sea lions, kangaroos, opossums, koalas, pelicans, dolphins, and platypus. You can go home with a collection of photos of animals that would be the envy of the very Felix Rodriguez de la Fuentes.

During your stay in the country you can hydrate yourself with the wonderful wines of the Yarra Valley . Originating in the area of ​​the same name located in the south of the country, its endless vineyards and famous wineries welcome hundreds of visitors every year who come there to make tastings of their famous wines. If you have any free time and knowledge in the matter, it can be a good option to enjoy an extra activity and provide quality souvenirs to your family and friends when you return.

Costa Rica is not a dream. It is an unforgettable honeymoon

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Maybe your partner and you are not those people who enjoy being days lying on the beach with a pina colada in hand. If you met on a hiking trip, in most of the photos you have together, you wear boots and multi-pocket trousers, your romantic dates take place on the mountain and, in general, you love doing any kind of activity that involves movement between thickets, Costa Rica It is your destiny.

It was the trip chosen by the largest number of newlyweds in 2016 and ranks among the 10 best destinations in the world of honeymoon according to lists of Brides magazine and Signature Travel Network agents.

Thanks to its hydrographic richness, Costa Rica is a very attractive country for the practice of water sports such as rafting, sport fishing, surfing, diving or sea fishing in three modalities: coastal, open sea and underwater.

Also its warm climate throughout the year and the absence of major atmospheric phenomena such as hurricanes, ensure you a trip without surprises or bad times.

Costa Rica is also one of the ecotourism micas . It has nothing more and nothing less than 28 Natural Parks and as many biological and forest reserves. During your trip you can stroll along dreamy beaches, tropical forests, volcanic areas, waterfalls, mangroves full of small animals, charming cities …

If in addition to burning calories you like to replace them, Costa Rica is a perfect destination to do it. Its gastronomy is rich and varied, very natural and little seasoned. It is a country with a very extensive variety of delicious fruits and its coffee is known worldwide for being aromatic and tasty. What more could you want?

To end your first getaway as a couple, you must spend a couple of days in your capital, San José . There you can visit the residence of the Blue Castle or the Plaza de la Cultura , the nerve center where the Central Bank Museums are located: the Pre-Columbian Gold Museum and the Numismatic Museum .

Mandatory approaching the central market of San Jose for breakfast one of the typical dishes of Costa Rican cuisine: “the gallo pinto”. Made with rice, black beans, onions and garlic, accompanied by fried eggs, corn tortillas and the inevitable Lizano sauce, it is an excellent choice to start the day with energy. If the visit to the market catches you at lunchtime, you should try the exquisite “casado”, a dish prepared with beans, rice, tortilla, salad, fried plantain and a piece of meat that can be pork, veal or fish. To accompany it you can try a healthy juice of “cas” or, with one of the hundreds of craft beers that are produced in the country, all of high quality, created by small producers.

Maldives Islands, a picture postcard

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Formerly known as “the kingdom of a thousand islands” , the Maldives Islands are lost in the immensity of the Indian Ocean, southwest India and Sri Lanka. In addition to a great cultural offer (often unknown), the Maldives give us an overwhelming nature. And these islands make up a spectacular mosaic of beaches, islets and atolls, jungles, lagoons and coral reefs … that, from the plane, do not leave indifferent to its visitors.

Its capital, Male , stands on a network of streets where there is no shortage of motorcycles. It is easy to find charming cafes and restaurants lost among some of the most important buildings in the city, such as the Presidential Palace or the impressive houses of the cultural and intellectual elite. It is worth making a stop in the area of ​​the Port, the most animated part of the capital, to do some shopping in its markets of fish, fruit … and even of wood.

Plans to relax in the sun? A sunset on the island of Guraidhoo, one of the best places in the world to also practice diving; the paradisiacal beaches of transparent waters of Gulhi or Kaafu Atoll; or the picturesque town of Fudihoo, in Vatu Atoll, an area surrounded by white sandy beaches, warm and transparent waters … And an ideal place to enjoy the hospitality of its fishermen.

Thailand, unique exoticism

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No one who has visited Thailand can deny that it is one of the most beautiful destinations in all of Southeast Asia: beaches of crystal clear waters, an impressive nature, landscapes full of romanticism, a thousand-year-old culture and, of course, wonderful people.

Its capital, Bangkok , gives shelter to infinite and wonderful treasures: palaces, ancient temples, markets … Among them, the Grand Palace or temples such as Wat Traimit, Wat Arun or Wat Pho become a must.

For your purchases, the Chatuchak market ; to have a snack, the impressive Chinatown; for an unforgettable experience, rent a barge to ride the klongs or canals of Thonburi; and if you want to attend a martial arts show, the Muay Thai Live.

Ayutthaya is another of the most charming cities in Thailand , where some of the oldest and most spectacular temples in the country are concentrated. Not in vain is it a World Heritage Site.

Do not put an end to your honeymoon without knowing Koh Phangan, Koh Samui and Koh Tao, three of the most famous islands in the country (with permission, of course, of the tourist Phuket).

A cruise on the Greek Islands

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A cruise is always a perfect opportunity to be pampered while visiting some destinations of exception. And that’s what happens if your honeymoon becomes a boat route through the wonderful Greek Islands.

Passing through Bari , capital of the Apulia region where you can get lost in its medieval labyrinth of streets, courtyards and arches. Do not forget to admire the Basilica of San Nicolás with its episcopal throne of the 12th century. You can make excursions to Alberobello, with its peculiar trulli, round dry stone houses without cement and conical roofs, an icon of UNESCO World Heritage. If nature is your thing, do not miss the caves called “Sassi” in Matera or the Cuevas de Castellana in Castellana Grotte.

After Bari, you will arrive at Mykonos, located in the Aegean Sea and Queen of the Cyclades Islands. Lose yourself in the labyrinthine streets dyed blue and white, visit the picturesque villages of Agios Ioannis and Kalafatis or the beach of Ornos. Let yourself be surprised by the warmth of its people, its windmills, its paradisiacal beaches and its unparalleled nightlife.

Visit Heraklion , port city and capital of the Greek island of Crete, where you can admire its great fortress that guards the entrance to the port or the impressive Minoan Palace of Knossos.

Finally, imagine the scenario: the wedding is over and you are free of stress, now you are husband and wife, and you can not (and should not) take your hands off. It’s time for the unforgettable honeymoon! Therefore, romanticism and passion are let go. In this way, a cruise is an option that is worth considering. As it is probably the first big trip that you are going to make and married, now it is just relax and live an unforgettable experience.





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