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Honeymoon in Seychelles: when relaxation is tinged with the colors of nature. You know even before you send out wedding announcements: Your honeymoon should be in a heavenly place, just like the … and Seychelles! This place consists of an archipelago of the Indian Ocean of 115 islands, located off the east of Africa. The main one is Mahe, the starting point for all the others: it houses the capital Victoria. The mountain rainforest of the Morne Seychellois National Park. And some famous beaches, where you can exchange phrases of love while watching the sunset over the sea. The archipelago’s main attractions include the spectacular coral reefand the nature reserves that preserve unique flora and fauna, such as the Aldabra giant tortoise … are you ready to get to know it?

But what is there to do in the Seychelles?Honeymoon in the Seychelles: when relaxation is tinged with the colors of nature

Before visiting the turtles, a stop in the capital is a must. In fact, you will land in Victoria, a small city of only 10 thousand inhabitants, overlooking the sea. Here you can immerse yourself in the daily life of the natives. Diving into the thousand colors of the Sir Selwyn Selwyn-Clarke Market. Where you can buy fresh fish and wonderful creations by local artists made with colored glass, carved wood, stone, coconut, coral and shells. There will also be original paintings and jewels in gold, silver, and bamboo … yes, they would look great on that women’s formal dress you bought last year. After some alternative shopping, you could reach the lookout called “Aux Capucins” or “La Mission”, which you will encounter on the road between Victoria. It is one of the best places in Honeymoon in the Seychelles.

Green excursions and a greeting to the turtlesHoneymoon in the Seychelles: when relaxation is tinged with the colors of nature

If you are an excursion lover and are looking for opportunities to walk in the open even at the sea. The Morne Seychellois National Park will not disappoint you. Created in 1979 on the island of Mahé, it is still the largest in the archipelago. A curiosity? Among palm trees, cinnamon plants, rubber trees, ferns, and tea plantations. The smallest frogs in the world find their ideal environment! But if you can’t wait to meet the famous tortoises, then you’ll have to go to the Aldabra atoll, the home of the giant tortoises.

Snorkeling, windsurfing and sea view sunsetsHoneymoon in the Seychelles: when relaxation is tinged with the colors of nature

After a few days of exploration, finally, relax. Among the most beautiful beaches on which to spread the beach towel. And think only of sunbathing, certainly, include Anse Takamaka and Beau Vallon. The beach of Anse Takamaka is the ideal place for snorkelers. Who will be able to swim undisturbed in the crystal clear waters that bathe a beach of golden sand lit by the sun: Your face will become so tanned that even the best bridal makeup for brown eyes will know to make you more radiant. Here the landscape is pristine and the bay is sheltered all year round by wind. And waves, presenting not too deep water: For all these reasons it is considered one of the safest beaches in Seychelles.

Useful informationHoneymoon in the Seychelles: when relaxation is tinged with the colors of nature

Finally, here is some useful information if you wish to embark for a fabulous honeymoon in Seychelles as soon as possible. Let’s start with the flight: get ready to spend a lot of hours on the plane, say around 12. An example? Starting from Milan Linate airport. And flying with the British Airways company, you can make a single stopover at London-Heathrow, then fly directly to the Seychelles International Airport, located 11 km south-east of Mahé. You will spend on average 500 euros each, round trip included; but if you book in advance – perhaps relying on specialized travel agencies for honeymooners – you can save money even a few hundred euros.

If you are wondering, the best time to go to the Seychelles is in winter – in December and January – or in summer, in July and August. The islands can, however, be visited even outside the high season.  It is characterized by a pleasant climate with minimal temperature changes throughout the year. So what are you waiting for? Take off the bridal and groom ‘s dress immediately, wear comfortable clothes for the journey and take out your passport!