Aran sweaters: from casual to elegant

Aran sweaters: from casual to elegant

The popularity of Aran sweaters remains undiminished, with celebrities, movie stars and singers regularly seen wearing them and making them iconic fashion items. While they were traditionally knitted by the wives of Irish fishermen to keep them warm and dry, they are now available in a range of styles and thicknesses. This enables them to be worn casually or as part of a smarter outfit.

Heritage piece

When Aran sweaters were first knitted, each carried a unique pattern that included symbols of luck or representations of the landscape of the Aran islands, which are off the west coast of Ireland. Today, they come in many styles, including cardigans and even polo shirt-style jumpers.

A la mode

According to Vogue, the renaissance of the Aran sweater is due to the consumer desire for more organic, natural and traditional high-quality knitwear. It has even reached the realms of top fashion designers and has been seen on the catwalks of Paris and London.

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Smart look

Those wishing to create a smart look can opt for a tailored or slim-fit Aran sweater in a neutral colour, such as classic cream, black, or navy. A thinner knit can be worn under a blazer and paired with tailored trousers for an outfit that can be worn at any number of formal occasions, including business meetings, a smart dining occasion, or a winter wedding.

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Casual chic

When Chris Evans sported a somewhat well-worn mens Irish fisherman sweater in the film Knives Out, it went viral, proving that this timeless classic never went out of fashion. Anyone who wants to wear an Aran sweater casually will find a range of options available from stockists such as

An oversized, chunky sweater with a classic cable-knit pattern can be paired with jeans and boots or trainers for an outdoorsy look, ideal for a weekend away.

Whichever style you go for, an Aran sweater is a wardrobe staple for good reason. Its enduring appeal lies in its versatility, its cosy charm, and the ability to dress it up or down to suit the occasion.

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