What cool things can you crochet?

What cool things can you crochet?

It is easy to learn the basics of crocheting and if you practise and fine-tune your skills, there are a multitude of interesting, eye-catching, and challenging projects available. Whether you buy a pattern or kit or find inspiration online, there are a host of cool things to crochet.

Cool crochet projects to wear

Crocheted hats, scarves and tops are always popular. There are also other wearable items that will not only look good but also save you money.

How about a crocheted bikini? A crocheted two-piece swimsuit for the beach will not only look stunning but you can also guarantee that no one else will be wearing an identical bikini.

A crocheted pair of baby booties makes a cute gift for new parents – you could even make them look like cool high-tops.

Use your basic bootie pattern and go big for comfy adult slippers. You could use any wool scraps to crochet hair scrunchies or fringed earrings. There are lots of ideas on Pinterest to get your creative juices flowing.

Cool crochet projects for the home

There are plenty of kits and patterns available for crochet projects around the home, ranging from crochet blanket kits to patterns for table runners. How about crocheting a pouffe for your living room? This is a big project, but easily achievable.

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A crocheted table runner can be a beautiful centrepiece for a dining table, while cushion covers, blankets and throws can add splashes of colour and cosiness to any room. Specialists such as woolcouturecompany.com/collections/blanket-and-cushions-crochet-kits stock cushion and crochet blanket kits.

Crochet baskets can look attractive and are useful for keeping your bits and bobs tidy.

Cool crochet projects for fun

You will find lots of patterns for fun crochet projects such as toys and gifts. How about crocheting a favourite Superhero figure or treating your dog to a crocheted jacket to wear in winter? Crocheted bookmarks are relatively straightforward to create and make lovely personal gifts, as do baby blankets. There are plenty of crochet blanket kits from which to choose.

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