5 amazing things to do in Puerto Rico

things to do in Puerto Rico

5 amazing things to do in Puerto Rico

Thanks to its privileged location, abundant nature and rich history, there are thousands of activities to do in Puerto Rico, the Star Island. This beautiful destination in the Caribbean Sea offers lots of unforgettable experiences for all tastes, but then I share the five things to do in Puerto Rico.

The things to do in Puerto Rico

1. Explore San Felipe del Morro Castlethings to do in Puerto Rico

During your visit to the city of San Juan, be sure to set aside a few hours to explore San Felipe del Morro Castle, a 16th-century Spanish fortress declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco. This fortification protected San Juan for a long time from marine attacks. And now allows us to see a little of the island’s past. Walkthrough all its corners and admire the sea views that it offers in its upperparts.

2. Sail in a bioluminescent baythings to do in Puerto Rico

One of the most unique and unforgettable experiences you can live in Puerto Rico is kayaking through one of its bioluminescent bays: Mosquito, Laguna Grande or La Parguera. Bioluminescence is a natural phenomenon produced by sea creatures that emit energy when agitated, filling the water with an impressive blue or neon green light.

3. Marvel at the views of the Window Cavethings to do in Puerto Rico

In Arecibo, there are numerous unmissable natural wonders and the Window Cave is one of them. Take a tour to climb the cliffs and reach this great cave full of life. The guides will give you information about the place and provide the necessary equipment for the expedition. It is one of the amazing things to do in Puerto Rico.

4. Visit the islands of Culebra and Viequesthings to do in Puerto Rico

If you like nature visit the island of Culebra and the island of Vieques. Located a few kilometers from the east coast of Puerto Rico. Culebra offers numerous beaches, including Flamenco which is one of the most beautiful in the world, and impressive mountains. Vieques, meanwhile, is a natural paradise that is home to Mosquito, the brightest bioluminescent bay in the world.

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5. Throw in a zip line among the junglethings to do in Puerto Rico

Dare to launch yourself in one of the best zip lines on the planet on your vacation in Puerto Rico. Visit the Toro Verde adventure park and climb La Beast, the tallest and second-longest zip line in the world. This zip line is almost 1,500 kilometers long and you will reach speeds of more than 90 kilometers per hour, really incredible!

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