10 most expensive and luxury destinations in the world

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10 most expensive and luxury destinations in the world

Most searches for vacation destinations on the internet have to do with getting more luxury for less money. But the most expensive and luxury destinations are also attractive. Most of the time out of curiosity. But what if the lottery touched you? In what order would you visit these wonderful and exclusive places. We have not done the calculations, so our list is not a ranking, but these are the 10 most expensive and luxury destinations to spend a vacation.

The 10 most expensive and luxury destinations in the world

1.- Paris

luxury destinations in the world

In the tenth position of our list of most expensive and luxury destinations, in Paris. The city of love can be visited for little money, but it can also become a destination full of luxury and exclusivity. Staying at the Ritz, shopping at the Place Vendome and eating at the trendy restaurants do not come cheap in the French capital. You can see the Eiffel Tower from below or you can rent it for a private event. When money is not a problem, Paris surrenders at your feet.

2.- Fiji Islands

This archipelago consists of 332 islands located in the South Pacific. They are famous for their virgin beaches and their greatest attraction is that accessing them is not easy. In fact, many of these islands are private. If you like sunset and if you visit where you will see the best sunsets in the world 14 destinations here.

3.- New York

luxury destinations in the world

The city that never sleeps also houses the most extravagant luxuries of the globe. Maybe you did not expect to find it on this list of more expensive and luxury destinations, but the United States is a place designed for exclusivity. And New York is its maximum exponent.

4.- The Virgin Islands

Some of the islands in this archipelago are also private, but you can visit the largest one. The island of Guana houses small wooden cabins located on virgin beaches that you can rent for “only” $ 700 per night. All the more reason to be on our list of the most expensive and luxury destinations.

5.- Bora Bora

A favorite destination of music and film stars, as well as great business magnates, Bora Bora is another paradise island that has become one of the most expensive and luxury destinations to go on vacation around the world. Again, luxury, solitude, and exclusivity take the form of an island. It will not be the last one on the list.

6.- Seychelles Islands

luxury destinations

Located in the Indian Ocean, it stands out among all the largest island of the archipelago: Fregate. In fact, it is this island that has earned the honor of being among our most expensive destinations. It is an island with 17 luxury chalets built in African teak and mahogany. The price of each of them is $ 3,000 per night and can not be rented for less than three days. The island stands out for its great concern when it comes to preserving its ecosystem. Both the sea and the interior jungle. The best thing about Seychelles is that you can visit them at any time of the year because it is always summer in Seychelles.

7.- Tuscany

This sparsely populated and rarely visited region of Italy belies the belief that less visited sites are cheaper. In fact, Tuscany is one of the most expensive destinations in the world for several reasons. First, that the supply of accommodation is scarce. Many of the exclusive hotels in Tuscany are old converted palaces. Most are isolated from the rest of the world and can only be reached by driving. The landscape, abundant in vineyards, is impressive. The historical legacy of the area is no less.

8.- Dubai

luxury destinations

The United Arab Emirates is, in all likelihood, one of the richest countries on earth. There the quality of life is very high and anyone who visits it knows that it is located in one of the most expensive and luxury destinations in the world. Here you drink cappuccino with gold dust. On the seashore and open to the desert, the city of Dubai has invested its wealth in the creation of artificial oases to enjoy the fresh air while the temperatures outside rise to infinity. Visiting Dubai is like entering a science fiction story.

9.- Cayo Musha, in the Bahamas

Magician David Copperfield said of this place that here lies the secret of life. That may be why it is one of the most expensive destinations to visit on this planet. The island is rented in its entirety for the modest price of $ 40,000 per week. They can only be occupied by 12 people each time. Of course, during the time you stay here with your eleven friends you will enjoy a whole series of totally personalized activities, fireworks just for you and the best food in the world.

10.- Oslo

luxury destinations in the world

Northern Europe is still a reference and also one of the most expensive and luxury destinations. Even without access to the most extravagant luxury, Oslo is expensive. But it is also private trips to see the fjords, exclusive hotels and other attractions of the city have nothing to envy to the other 9 destinations on this list.

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