Essential beauty kit for the honeymoon

Essential beauty kit for the honeymoon

Essential beauty kit for the honeymoon

Essential beauty kit for the honeymoon. The long-awaited day of your wedding is now gone, leaving room for that moment that has long made you fantasize: the honeymoon! After putting your wedding dress in the closet, it’s time to enjoy a moment of pure relaxation and romance, just you and your new husband, in an enchanting dream destination. Calm, peace and well-being, will be the basic ingredients that will ally in the suggestive atmosphere of your honeymoon, but remember not to neglect your beauty! If for the day of your wedding you have exhibited a perfect wedding makeup but you can not carry your trusted make-up artist in your suitcase, let’s see what tricks to take for perfect even when traveling.

Headbands and combs, what a passion!Essential beauty kit for the honeymoon

You hoped you could keep it a little longer, but the wedding hairstyle for your long hair is now a distant memory. And, you know, during a trip it’s really difficult to keep your hair tidy, especially when dealing with planes, trains, and various journeys! In order not to be caught unprepared (and untidy!) Do not forget to bring a small travel comb and a good dose of hairpins and clothes pegs, which will be very useful to look well even while running from one taxi to another. Your he has invited you to a romantic candlelight dinner but you do not have time to make the fold? The best remedy is to collect the hair in a simple but effective hairstyle. It is one of the best tips for a honeymoon.

Make-up and hydration of the skinEssential beauty kit for the honeymoon

Exotic locations or snowy mountain peaks? Whatever your destination, never skip the skin care. Always subjected to makeup and makeup products, the delicate skin of the face requires special and well-defined treatments, which sometimes require time and the hands of an expert. But how can you get a well-hydrated and well-hydrated skin during your trip? Certainly, you need to get the right products: do not rely on the first creams you find on the market but get advice from a specialist to find the one most suitable for your skin. In your kit, you cannot therefore miss moisturizers and facial cleansers, in addition to sun protection, better if high-gradation.

Also remember that a hydrated skin will make your face brighter and brighter, erasing all signs of post-ceremony fatigue! And what about make-up? If you personally took care of your do-it-yourself wedding make-up for your wedding, you will undoubtedly have all the necessary products to propose an impeccable make-up even on holiday. I recommend, do not forget the make-up wipes! Comfortable and practical, to keep in your handbag. It is one of the best tips for a honeymoon.

Fresh fragrancesEssential beauty kit for the honeymoon

From low-cost to the most luxurious, it is virtually impossible to find a hotel that does not offer its guests a complete bathroom kit consisting of shower gel, shampoo, and various soap bars. Definitely a nice service, but have you ever noticed something? Whatever your destination, the hotel’s soap always has the same fragrance, aseptic and impersonal. If sometimes your husband recognizes you even among hundreds of people, you will absolutely have to distinguish yourself with a distinctive and unique fragrance!

And why not bring back the perfumes and floral smells that have left a mark during your wedding? You can add to your beauty case a fragrance with a fresh and citrus aroma that reminds you of the bouquet of orange flowers of your wedding. It will be a bond of intimate understanding, only between you and your loved one! As for the deodorant, however, choose a neutral or light scent, to keep always with you to always feel fresh even in the most hectic situations. It is one of the best tips for a honeymoon.

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