12 tips for traveling alone safely

12 tips for traveling alone safely

12 tips for traveling alone safely

12 tips for traveling alone safely. Traveling alone in safety is a right-duty. It is a few days ago the very bad news of the two barbarously killed Argentinean girls while they were traveling alone in Ecuador. Many people go back to wondering if it’s right or not for two girls to start alone and if this episode could have been avoided.

I have traveled and traveled alone  And if they told me that I can not do it anymore because it is not safe, I would miss the air. And if we want to say it all then nothing is safer, not even being home for many women, since we often have the monster between the four walls. Depending on the countries I have visited, there have been times when I felt more or less safe, even if fortunately I had no devastating experiences.

Sometimes, however, I have been afraid and from those moments I have learned some small tricks to travel alone in safety. Because, in any part of the world, be careful and use caution, it is essential. Because traveling alone is our right, but also to enjoy the journey and come back to life must be!

Do not attract attention12 tips for traveling alone safely

When I’m at home or when I travel with friends, I love to look exuberant with high heels and even very low-cut dresses. It’s part of my being. But if you see me traveling alone, you will notice immediately that my clothing changes radically. I will be exaggerated, but when I travel alone I prefer to “become transparent”. Not always possible, also because I have platinum blond hair, but I try to use small tricks to be less flashy.

I tie my hair, sometimes I wear a hat or some glasses that cover my eyes, and even if it’s hot, I try to dress in a sober and not very visible way. It will seem old-fashioned but unfortunately still in many countries, some men see a busty look as a sign that a “there is” and therefore to avoid misunderstandings, dress in a discreet and not very visible will make us feel more secure and protected from looks “marpioni”.

Hotel in the center12 tips for traveling alone safely

I usually choose my hotels or hostels in the city center, because that’s where there are more and more people and so the area is more controlled. However, read the hotel reviews and reviews on the area before booking. Avoid hotels in isolated areas and always choose according to the area, those may be recommended for women traveling alone or close to attractions where there is always influx of people.

Do not go out alone at night12 tips for traveling alone safely

The temptation to go out in the evening, for me, that I love nightlife, is always strong. However, at least if you have not met a group of boys and girls in the hostel or do not know someone of the place, I avoid going out alone at night when I travel alone. Believe me, this will avoid a whole series of unpleasant situations and dangers. And I say this even if I regret very much having to give it up.

Avoid isolated areas12 tips for traveling alone safely

If you are like me of the tireless walkers, I know that you would never stop and would like to scour every corner of the cities and places you visit. I then, who often walk at random, I find it hard to give me a limit. But when you start to see that the crowd is thinning or that there is some strange face, turn the heels and go back where there are more people. Alternatively, if you want to see particular areas, rely on a group tour with guides.

Inquire about the culture of the place12 tips for traveling alone safely

It might seem trivial, but to learn about the culture and customs of a people, before leaving, is essential to travel safely. So study the goal well. How do women dress? Are there any restrictions? Are there areas that must be avoided?

Do not accept passages or hospitality from strangers12 tips for traveling alone safely

Ever and never. All right, the “volemose bene” and the “between travelers we understand each other”, but we never cross that line of border and confidence that could be a risk for us. A stranger is a stranger, even if he has an irresistible smile and seems dressed so fashionably.

Avoid places where there are only men12 tips for traveling alone safely

We are not in the Middle Ages, it is true. But if in a place, maybe a bar, there are only men, maybe there is a reason. We avoid going to look for problems and that someone may think we are there to tow. We change place directly.

Spend more to be sure12 tips for traveling alone safely

I always try to travel low cost but when it comes to safety, saving does not make sense. You could invest two more money for a taxi if it got dark or for a hotel in a better area.

Do not overdo it with alcohol

12 tips for traveling alone safely

I’m the first to party and have a few cocktails when I’m on vacation. The alcohol I drink traveling alone, however, is limited to a few beers perhaps in the hotel for an impromptu aperitif. Alcohol takes away many inhibitory brakes and this, when we travel alone, could put us in prominence or in danger.

Prepaid security card

12 tips for traveling alone safely

Do you know how many times I was abroad and I missed the pin? Or has my credit card magically demagnetized? So many. Fortunately, I always had someone I knew on the spot and who could help me. Not for all though and so. Then bring a prepaid card with you to use in an emergency to avoid being without money.

Document always with you12 tips for traveling alone safely

Always, may be photocopied to avoid losing it. Do not bring too much money or jewelry with you. When you leave the hotel bring the necessary money with you. Leave the rest in the safe. Avoid precious jewels. They will not do you any good and could attract the attention of snatchers. These are some small tips that I have to give, based on my experience, to those who want to travel alone in safety. If you have others, write them in the comments; surely they will be more than useful to me and to all other solitary travelers.

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