Beauty kit: what to pack for a honeymoon trip to the sea?

Beauty kit: what to pack for a honeymoon trip to the sea?

Beauty kit: what to pack for a honeymoon trip to the sea?

Among all the things you will need to pack in view of the imminent departure for the honeymoon. An important space is to be reserved for certain beauty products. It is not just about the cosmetics you used to make some adjustments to your bridal makeup. But above all about the body’s cure-all, aimed at preventing and treating the consequences of a sudden change of environment, such as the sea. Here is all that will be useful to preserve even on your honeymoon the charm you had the day you wore your wedding dress! Here are some tips for honeymoon trip packing.

Go ahead for the accessories to combine with bikinis!Beauty kit: what to pack for a honeymoon trip to the sea?

If a relaxing honeymoon is waiting for you, to the sound of romantic phrases to be exchanged on a paradisiacal beach, you can’t avoid packing your favorite bikinis. This type of vacation, in fact, implies that you stay in a bathing suit for most of the time and therefore you will have to do your best to give your outfit a touch of style. It is one of the best tips for a honeymoon trip packing.

Among the fashion accessories that you can play with are definitely necklaces, earrings, sunglasses, and straw hats … but the real protagonist is still him: the swimsuit. Bring along as many bikinis, trikini, and original one-piece swimsuits as you can; learn to combine the pieces and associate their colors. Your travel photos will inspire endless “wow!”

Sunscreen: before, during and after

Needless to say, arm yourself with creams is the first thing to do when you are about to leave for a honeymoon at the beach. Yes, but which ones? To avoid carrying excess products with you or forgetting the essential ones, we remind you of the three creams that you absolutely must not forget: the sunny one, the moisturizing one, and the anti-burn treatments.

As for the first, we suggest you buy two, with different SPFs: the first few days, use the one with higher protection to avoid burns and then preserve the tan with the “lighter” one. The unexpected redness due to excessive sun exposure is naturally a real risk, so make sure you always have an excellent anti-burn product on hand.It is one of the best tips for a honeymoon trip packing.

Finally, you should always have a moisturizer with you to help the skin restore its natural balance after being exposed to the hot summer sun. The ideal would be to have an after-sun cream , but even your trusted moisturizer will be fine: the important thing is not to apply it before exposure to sunlight if you don’t want to burn your skin with painful consequences!

Attention to face hydration!

As for the face, the rules previously explained are mostly valid, although in reality there are specific products on the market for this delicate part of the body. If you can, try to buy these specific cosmetics: normally their size is pocket-sized and won’t take up too much space in your suitcase.

Finally, try to avoid applying make-up to your face when you go to the beach: first of all, because this would prevent the skin from getting even and secondarily, as direct exposure to sunlight could cause unexpected chemical reactions. After all, when you are at sea, you won’t need a natural bridal make-up to look relaxed! It is one of the best tips for a honeymoon trip packing.

And don’t forget your hair …

Now we come to hair care. Did you know that there are specific anti-salt shampoos? In fact, sea salt dehydrates the hair and prolonged exposure to the sun makes it dry, weakening it and weakening it. For this reason, it is good to use a specific product, which creates a solid protective barrier that can withstand the constant attack of these external agents (try to think of how many times you dip your head in the water when you are at sea).

Furthermore, it is important that you do not forget to apply a detangling balsam after each shampoo; it is the only healthy way to untie the knots that the wind will inevitably have created in your hair.

Another thing you can do to minimize these problems is to gather your hair in a ponytail. In this way, the sun exposure of your hair will be reduced, as long as your goal is not just to give them fascinating natural reflections!

To conclude, we can only suggest that you also consider your outfit for the evening. If, in fact, when you are about to pack your suitcase you imagine wearing a formal dress, sitting in a refined restaurant overlooking the sea, such expectations could be disillusioned … for something better. Maybe, you will come across a sunset so incredible that you lose the sense of time and at dinner time you will still be on the beach, happy and in love. On these occasions, a pareo could save the situation: wear it to go directly to dinner, enjoying your honeymoon moment after moment.

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