Discover the best essential travel accessories for your journey

Discover the best essential travel accessories for your journey

We all know that the essential travel accessories are usually the ones we all know: passports, tickets, suitcases, underwear, and a great desire to travel. But not everything is usually what you need to get on your plane.

Some flights can be very long and can become real headaches. The discomfort of the seat, the difficulty of taking a snooze, the uncertainty of the weight of the suitcase, the possible loss of the passport or, what usually happens to most novice travelers, the plug of the charger of our mobile does not serve us in this country!

Buy essential travel accessories

In this new entry we will show you some of the products that will surely come in handy for some of the trips you make and will make your life easier wherever you go, either at your destination or during the journey, do you want to know which ones Are essential travel accessories? Keep reading our post.

Scale For Travel

The trip is near and it’s time to pack, to pack everything that fits! We will even put things that we will not even wear and in the end we will have to sit on top of the suitcase to close it. But there is also a problem with this, will it give the maximum weight so that they do not charge us more at the time of billing?

Believe it or not, it is a very common problem to pay more for going over the minimum weight, but there is a very interesting product that will easily solve the problem. This travel scale will tell you how much your suitcase weighs in a second and you will know if you have to reduce the weight or if you can continue packing things. It holds up to 50 kg capacity and is very light (only 90 g) and small in size, you can take it with you on your trip in case you go crazy buying things on your trip!

Liquid Containers

One of the things that we cannot forget to take on our trip is shampoo, gel, perfume, or any other type of essential liquid. But of course, at airports the minimum you can take without checking it in is 100 ml in transparent containers placed in a transparent bag, so don’t take the entire bottle of gel from Mercadona!

So where do we put all these liquids? This pack of 4 transparent silicone bottles with a 3-layer anti-leak system allows you to carry the liquids you need for your trip in a transparent bag, complying with the regulations of any airport, don’t worry, you won’t find the shampoo spread all over your clothes! It also has interchangeable labels to know which liquid is which. It is one of the best essential travel accessories that you can take with you.

Luggage Straps

If you carry a bag in addition to your suitcase, this may interest you. It may seem like a useless product, but it really is. If you carry a bag in one hand and have to pull a suitcase, we assure you that it can become a real order.

When you feel like resting and you don’t want to keep carrying your bag in one arm , this strap allows you to connect the suitcase with the bag, facilitating your entire travel odyssey until you get to your hotel. Easy to use, small size, sturdy, and can be used for handbags, luggage, bags, briefcases, trolleys and wheeled luggage.

Document Holder For Travel

Banknotes, credit cards, identity documents, coins, photos, religious stamps, the things that we can have in our wallet! But when it comes to a trip, surely you will have to add more things such as hotel reservations, boarding passes, documents for activities or tours, etc. What do we do about this? We carry it in our pockets folded or put in any bag… surely more than one has been frightened in the rush before hotel or airport counters.

What solution do we put? A document holder that allows you to carry everything in your wallet and also the documents of your trip. This polyester document bag will make your life easier because it fits everything. There are 5 passport compartments, 8 credit card slots, 1 coin, and trivia pocket, 1 zippered ticket pocket, 1 transparent airline boarding pass compartment, 1 pen holder, 1 key ring, and 2 outside pockets for easy access. fast to mobile phones and documents. What are you waiting to buy it?

Viscoelastic Travel Pillow

Surely you have seen travel pillows in any store you have visited, but when it comes to our posture and rest, it is better not to risk it. We know how hard it is to sleep on a flight, bus ride or even car ride, where our bed is when needed! But we believe that this memory foam travel pillow will solve all your problems and become one of your must-have travel accessories.

This popular travel pillow has an ergonomic cervical curve design with hump-shaped support. It will protect your cervical vertebrae at multiple angles and reduce the pressure on your neck and shoulders, you will be very relaxed to sleep on this pillow! In addition to that, the foam has a memory effect and remembers the shape of your neck. It also solves the noise problem because the kit includes earplugs, an eye mask and an easy-to-use carrying bag, you will fall asleep anywhere with this pillow!

Universal plug

When we have already reached our destination and we go to our hotel or apartment and we think that the worst is over, now it’s time to enjoy the trip! But of course, what if when you arrive at the hotel and you have used up all the battery on the trip, you find that you cannot plug your charger into the outlet? Come on, it hasn’t happened to us! For this reason, you will understand why it is one of the essential travel accessories.

Many of the countries you will visit do not have the same type of power outlet as in Spain, so you will not be able to use your plug in most of the countries you visit, so it is necessary that you take a universal plug that will solve all your problems. . This charger can be used for USA, Australia, UK, and EU, covering 150 countries, it will work for you wherever you go! It has 2 USB ports that intelligently identify devices and generate optimized charging, making sure you can charge more than one device at the same time, so don’t worry, you won’t have to fight for the plug!

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