Honeymoon: how long before you book?

Honeymoon: how long before you book?

Honeymoon: how long before you book?

Honeymoon: how long before you book? There are many things to think about when you get married. The evidence of wedding dresses, the ceremony, the location, the choice of the menu, the arrangements, wedding favors … The excitement is so great and the stress is not less. But among things to do, your honeymoon cannot be put at the bottom of the “to do list”. On the contrary, it will be better to organize and reserve it as soon as possible. Below we explain when and how to book your long-awaited honeymoon!

When do you start to get an idea of the trip type?Honeymoon: how long before you book?

To better organize your honeymoon, you should start thinking calmly about what you would like to do during your honeymoon at least nine months before the date set for the wedding. Compare and talk to each other quietly. Taken from so many preparations, such as the choice of wedding dresses. And the bouquet of flowers, you may not spend the time necessary for this aspect. Which, however, deserves as much as the time you invest for the realization of your original wedding invitations. You can also consult several specialized travel agencies, both online and real. And talk to them about your travel idea to see what they have to offer.

When to choose the destination?Honeymoon: how long before you book?

At 6 months from the wedding, in addition to the time to order the 2017 wedding dress model that made you fall in love. It’s time to book your honeymoon at the agency you have chosen. At this stage, it is advisable for you to explain well all the paperwork necessary for travel agents, visas. And vaccinations related to the country of destination. In the agency they will know to dissolve any doubt, so do not hesitate to ask all the necessary questions!

Have you checked the documents?Honeymoon: how long before you book?

Finally, once you have defined the destination. Check the expiration of your passports to be shown at the time of departure. And in the case of a visa application as in the case of renewal of an identification document. Please note that the time required to issue the necessary documentation can be long or in any case not immediate.. As the wedding date approaches, you will be taken to confirm the latest orders (dress, groom, flowers, faiths …). And to contact those who have not yet given you final feedback after receiving your wedding invitation. So anticipate and check to possess all documents in order 4/6 months before.

Why book your honeymoon with time?Honeymoon: how long before you book?

Understand, therefore, how important it is not to be reduced to the last minute both for the booking of the trip. And for the possible bureaucratic practices to be carried out. Also, booking your honeymoon in advance will save you a lot, especially if you plan to travel by plane. Absolutely forbidden the reservation for the departure the days after the wedding either because you risk not finding the availability for flights or hotels. And because it would cost you much more, especially if yours is a popular destination. And plan to leave during high season.

Whether you are organizing your honeymoon on your own. Or with the help of a travel agency, our advice is to prepare you with time. So that at least six months before departure you have already booked flights, hotels, any cruises … You will see that organizing things without haste. Even those that may seem secondary to you as proof of the wedding hairstyle. You will face the organization of your wedding in a more relaxed way.

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