The best beaches in Cuba-Discover them

best beaches in Cuba

The best beaches in Cuba-Discover them

Are you thinking about the sun and beach vacation? Cuba is one of the most paradisiacal destinations that exist and every year attracts a large number of tourists to its beaches to enjoy an unforgettable vacation. Forget the stress and come to know the most frequented beaches and keys of Cuba. We share the best beaches in Cuba.

The best beaches in Cuba-Discover them!

Are you thinking of staying at a resort or prefer a cabin? Depending on the beach you choose you can choose one or another option. Cuba is known for the quality of its resorts, which surround the keys and most precious beaches of the island. But you can also opt for a more intimate form of accommodation, such as a cabin, an offer that you will find, for example, in Cayo Paraiso. In some resorts, you can even combine the luxury and comfort of a hotel with the romanticism of a bungalow.

Do you have everything ready? You have put the sunscreen, the swimsuit and the mat in the suitcase, you just need to know what are the best beaches to visit during your stay. You have to know that many of the keys that you visit will give you the opportunity to practice water sports to see the reefs and the colorful fish that populate them. We tell you what places you can not miss under any circumstances.

1. Cayo de Cocobest beaches in Cuba

Cuba has many cays. These are small islands with coral reefs, highly coveted by tourists. Cayo de Coco is one of these keys, white sand, internationally known. On the coast, it is full of resorts. Relaxing at a resort in Cayo Coco can be an exceptional idea to spend the holidays. You can practice water sports and enjoy the natural environment.  It is one of the best beaches in Cuba with a good view.

2. Guillermo Keybest beaches in Cuba

Compete with Cayo de Coco in its wonderful natural surroundings. Like Cayo de Coco, it is part of the Jardines del Rey archipelago, which is why they resemble each other. The difference is that you do not have many resorts to install. Without a doubt, it is the ideal place for those tourists who are looking for a less cemented environment. If you are that type of tourist, here is your destination.

3. Cayo de Santa Mariabest beaches in Cuba

It is impossible to avoid this Cayo because it is considered one of the largest on the island. It is part of the Biosphere Nature Reserve. One of the curiosities is that it has an impressive dolphinarium. Without a doubt, a visit that you can not miss.  It is one of the best beaches in Cuba.

4. Cayo Paraisobest beaches in Cuba

It is located in the archipelago of Los Colorados. Unlike in other keys, there are not so many resorts here, but instead, you choose the cabins for tourists. It can be an original and intimate way to spend a vacation on the beach.

5. Beaches of Varaderobest beaches in Cuba

Of course, Varadero is the destination you can not miss, mainly because it includes the best beach in Cuba. Organize your vacation at the five-star Meliá Las Américas hotel, and turn your vacation into the dream you’ve always wanted to live.

6. The beaches of the eastbest beaches in Cuba

It is the summer destination of the inhabitants of Havana. Its strong point is the setting, which mixes the fishing villages with the resorts. If you want to know where the inhabitants of the capital go to spend their holidays, you can not miss these beaches.  It is one of the best beaches in Cuba for a summer destination.

7. The Pesquero beachbest beaches in Cuba

It is a smaller beach, but it has a whole hotel infrastructure. It is located in the municipality of Rafael Freyre and each year attracts the arrival of countless tourists.

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