10 Best Beaches in Belize to visit this 2020

Best Beaches in Belize

10 Best Beaches in Belize to visit this 2020

Belize is an English-speaking Central American country that borders the Caribbean Sea and is recognized worldwide for the majesty of the coasts that surround it, especially located in its capital, Belize City.

That is why a large part of the beaches of Belize is known as Natural Monuments and Protected Areas since they are home to a rich diversity of animal and plant species of significant ecological value. This is mainly due to the strategic location of the coast of Belize.

In this sense, the following lines show the most relevant aspects of these beautiful sandy areas so that you can enjoy with your family, friends, or partner unique moments on your next vacation in Belize. Definitely one of the trips that you will like the most. And if you are in Spain even better because this country has increased the tourist offer for this Caribbean country.

1. Caulker Caye (Belize)

Caulker Caye is an ideal cove in Belize for snorkeling, windsurfing, and diving, but it is also one of the destinations where you will get a lot of fun for the nightlife that identifies it. Likewise, Caulker Caye is one of the main tourist places in Belize thanks to the rich marine reserve that is found in its spaces mainly composed of a barrier of reefs that you deserve to see.

Likewise, this key is considered the second largest in this country, whose extension is eight kilometers and where you will find a wide range of hotels and restaurants at prices that will fit your budget.

To get to Caulker Cayer you can do it by boat or plane from Belize. Once you arrive you can rent bikes, golf carts, or just walk around the island. Without a doubt, you can take the best photos of beaches and show off on your social networks one of the beautiful beaches in Belize.

2. Ambergris Caye (Belize)

From the practice of water sports to walking on cobblestone streets is what you can do in Ambergris Caye. It is the largest cove in Belize where large marine reserves are sheltered, characterized by its quiet and discreet atmosphere. So if you want to escape to a relaxed place Ambergris Caye is the best destination for it.

However, it is also one of the tourist beaches in Belize because it has a variety of hotels and restaurants that make it the main gastronomic option in Belize. In addition, you will also see bars, shops and tour operators that will help you have an excellent time in this cove.

If you have already decided to travel to the best beach in Belize remember that you can do it by plane or by water taxis from the town of San Pedro.

3. Punta Gorda (Toledo)

Punta Gorda is a town located in Toledo, a town where you will get less beach. However, it is one of the beaches to visit in Belize since you can discover caves, reefs, rivers, waterfalls, and mountains that will make you live a different experience.

On the other hand, in these spaces, you can practice snorkeling, fishing, kayaking, swimming, diving, among other tourism activities in Belize. In addition, from Toledo, you can take a flight to this wonderful but small sandy area in which they will make a tour for you to appreciate from the heights the beauty of this town full of culture that borders the Belizean coast.

It is also important that you know that in Punta Gorda you will not have many accommodation options but you will be filled with culture during your visit to this town. Without a doubt, it is a very peculiar and picturesque area that makes it one of the best places to visit in Belize.

4. South Water (Belize)

The largest marine reserve is on South Water Caye. To access it you can do it through the excursions in Belize that depart from Dangriga, Hopkins, or Placencia. You can also stay in this sandy area but you must consider the high costs since there are very few places designated for this purpose. Thanks to the fact that it has the richest barrier in marine fauna, you can practice snorkeling and diving. You will be able to see species such as Manta rays, reef fish, and sea birds.

In addition to admiring the natural wonders, you can enjoy a good day of sun and sea on one of the white sand beaches in Belize. But above all, you will be able to fully relax due to the tranquility of its spaces. South Water Caye is one of the favorite destinations for tourists when arriving in Belize.

Remember that if you want to go to this island you must take into account that you can only do it by sea through water taxis or private boats. Exta is one of the experiences that is worth living because it is one of the best trips and tours in Belize.

5. Half Moon (Belize)

Half Moon Caye is considered a Natural Monument of Belize. The key is teeming with marine species such as corals, garden eels, and sponge formations. You will also find eagle rays, sea turtles, and groupers. This marine diversity contributes to the practice of diving in these waters.

Likewise, this protected area is known because in it you can see endangered turtles such as loggerhead, hawksbill, and green, which lay their eggs during the month of May until November. Camping is prohibited on Half Moon Caye. In fact, only “full days” are allowed due to the delicate nature of its ecosystem and that is why it is one of the keys with less access to tourists.

You can be part of these excursions to the Belize Keys that depart from this city and San Pedro and admire the beauty of these spaces. You can also take the opportunity to bathe in this beautiful crystalline coast and white sands. Definitely one of the most famous beaches in Belize.

6. Maya Beach (Stann Creek)

If, in addition to enjoying a day at the beach, you also want to adorn your pupil with dreamy views, you must visit Maya Beach. One of the beaches in Placencia, Belize, which is a peninsula where the best beaches in Belize are. It is known for the stillness of its waters, countless hotels and because there you will find various water activities to practice.

In addition to snorkeling or diving, you can also visit the jungle in Placencia, climb a Mayan pyramid, navigate caves and take incredible photos that you can upload to Facebook and Twitter to cause a sensation. You can also explore the Savannah Forest Station and the Mango and Independence creeks as well as the Stann Creek District.

And not only that but here you can also try delicious seafood dishes while listening to the waves swaying thanks to the variety and the best restaurants in Belize. Undoubtedly Maya Beach is one of the tourist places in Belize that you cannot miss because in it you get varied options for you to spend a great vacation.

7. Placencia Village (Stann Creek)

Placencia Village is a tourist area par excellence where you will find spectacular palm trees, as well as a sea conducive to enjoying a day at the beach. You can find this cove in the Placencia Peninsula, Belize, and it is characterized by being a well-moved, fun, and cheerful beach. In its surroundings, you will find restaurants, accommodation, bars, tourist services, and unmissable nightlife.

This is one of the beaches dreamed of in Belize by young people due to its nightlife and the possibility of doing different sports such as playing volleyball on its white sands. You can also kayak on the other side of the island where crocodiles, birds, and other species live along the mangrove. Undoubtedly these attractions are part of the coves to visit in Belize.

To get to Placencia Village you can do it by car or plane from the Belizean city. So pack your bags and dive into adventure. You cannot miss this cove during your trip to Belize.

8. Hopkins Village Beach (Stann Creek)

Hopkins is a town where nature and culture mix. A place worth visiting in Belize. Here you will find the Hopkins Village coastline characterized by its spaciousness, numerous resorts, as well as palm trees, and a diversity of options in terms of water sports.

It is part of the sandy beaches in Belize where you can fully swim in its crystal clear waters where there are valuable sea beds worthy of admiration through diving or snorkeling. You can also fish in the nearby coves, try paddle surfing and even rent a catamaran to walk around and enjoy the most beautiful views. This is one of the islands where you will always have something to do in Belize.

If organic drinks are your thing, you also have Herbal Healers, a place where you can try rich and nutritious infusions. Remember that you find this cove in the Stann Creek region, one of the Belizean destinations that you cannot miss.

9. Seine Bight (Stann Creek)

With more than 6 kilometers of crystal clear waters and fine sands and at the northern end of the Placencia Peninsula you find Seine Bight, one of the most suitable beaches in Belize for swimming. Also in it, you get the serenity that you are looking for so much for a total disconnection from the routine.

This is one of the public beaches in Belize where you will find restaurants and shops that will offer you the typical dishes of the region. In addition, its transparent coasts will help you snorkel.

Seine Bight is close to the Placencia airport which will help you take a taxi without any complications to one of the best beaches in Belize and one of the best known. So don’t think twice and go on one of the tastiest trips you’ll ever have to Seine Bight.

10. Turneffe Island (Belize)

East of Belize City is Turneffe Island. It is a beach of white sands and transparent waters surrounded by reefs where you can enjoy a day of sun and sea. In this cove, snorkeling, fishing, and diving are part of the aquatic activities that are worth doing as you will be able to see from turtles, eels to reef sharks, and large groupers.

It is important that you know that on Turneffe Island you can stumble upon nesting spaces for American crocodiles if you decide to take tours in the mangroves in the area. So this would be a good option if you want to see the wildlife of these sandy areas. Without a doubt one of the most exotic beaches in Belize.

To get to one of the beaches near Belize or one of the beaches in Corozal, Belize, you can take a plane flight or buy a boat ticket from Belize.

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