10 Tips to enjoy the trip more

10 Tips to enjoy the trip more

Time has become our worst enemy, the pace of life we ​​are getting used to, increasingly prevents us from enjoying the important things. We have stopped enjoying a good chat with friends or dinner with our parents because of the time and the large number of things we have to do. And not to mention the trips, we go from one place to another looking at the places from our cell phone and trying to take as many “selfies” as possible without seeing the world as it should be, through our eyes.

1. Enjoy fate slowly

Take advantage of every detail and every place you go, don’t go in a hurry. There is no waste in going slow, that will not make you more boring or unproductive, but on the contrary, it will give you a more alive and real perspective of the destination.

2. Look for quality

Take the opportunity to know what really matters, enjoy the architecture, the people, the landscapes, nature, and everything that is really worth it. Forget about staying at the hotel or going from party to party, that will never enrich your trip.

3. Disconnect

Do not live a trip with the pressure of having to answer calls, emails, messages, “inbox” or “WhatsApp”. This will only take you away from the experience and however minimal, you will miss interesting details.

4. Don’t google the destination before

Since the power of “google” in travel planning became present, nothing is the same. We arrive at the destination knowing every corner and thing that we are going to find, this only makes it take away the “surprise” that seeing something never seen before represents.

5. Talk with the locals

Nobody will be able to tell you a destination in a better way than the inhabitants of the place. Look for them and exchange some talks with them, see the place through their words, they know better than any tourist guide, what you should know.

6. Let yourself be surprised

Don’t go with a preconceived idea, don’t criticize what you see, don’t analyze too much; It’s about behaving like children when everything was incredible and we just let ourselves be carried away by emotions.

7. Get lost

With due caution, do not go with forced itineraries that make you have an established route. This will take away the touch of adventure that each trip needs. Someone said one day, “getting lost is the best way to find yourself” and the same thing happens on trips, who knows what wonderful place you might come across?

8. Learn

Learn everything you can and from everyone you can. In the end, what remains of the trips are the memories.

9. Enjoy the small

Mass tourism has come to evolve the way of doing tourism and has put everything in an immense perspective. Lots of people, big hotels, big buildings, big monuments. Sometimes these things are not worth as much as eating at an inn, walking in a park, or seeing a street artist, that is, those little things that make your life bigger.

10. Travel light

Travel with the least amount of luggage you can but also travel with a light soul, an open mind, and an expectant heart. This way everything will taste better.

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