Cayman Islands honeymoon: dive into a tropical paradise!

Cayman Islands honeymoon: dive into a tropical paradise!

Cayman Islands honeymoon: dive into a tropical paradise!

If after the launch of the bridal bouquet. And the end of all the celebrations your only desire is to abandon yourself to an earthly paradise made of enchanting coral reefs and crystal clear waters. The Cayman Islands seem to be designed for you.

There are three main islands in this archipelago located in the western part of the Caribbean Sea. Which thanks to their suggestive beaches. And towns are ready to welcome you for a romantic honeymoon. Yes, but only after taking off your elegant shoes. And wearing a pair of fins: scuba diving awaits you to discover incredibly crystal clear sea!

Cayman Islands honeymoon: Grand Cayman, the largest islandCayman Islands honeymoon: dive into a tropical paradise!

Located south of Cuba and north-west of Jamaica, Grand Cayman, Little Cayman. And Cayman Brac is the three islands that make up this enchanting archipelago which, for its tropical landscapes. And mild climate all year round, is defined as a real earthly paradise.

Your journey will start from the largest, Grand Cayman, home to the capital of George Town and the main airport. After many hours of flight, you can take a day to explore the city. And from there you will have an initial overview of what these islands have to offer: white beaches, transparent water and a feeling of peace hardly imaginable. All enriched with tasty cocktails to sip in the many chic clubs by the sea and typical shops.

But the Grand Cayman has much more to show you: it is precisely on this island that you will be able to admire some very rare and endangered animal species, such as endemic blue iguanas.
Couples of newlyweds passionate about diving and diving will be enchanted in front of over 200 sites. Including the renowned Dragon’s Lair, Killer Pillar, and Barrel Sponge Wall, where it will be easy to come across turtles, octopuses, and hammerhead sharks.

But the surprises are not over yet! Back on the shore, you can walk along the coast, dotted with wooden houses owned by fishermen, where time seems to have stopped: these houses have remained unchanged for more than half a century. And represent the most authentic aspect of the island before it came conquered by tourism.

Cayman Islands honeymoon: Contact with nature in Little CaymanCayman Islands honeymoon: dive into a tropical paradise!

With a population of just over 100 people, the smallest of the three islands is also the most popular for scuba diving and bird watching. Off the north coast is Bloody Bay Wall, an unmissable destination for snorkeling trips to discover a coral reef with vibrant colors and breathtaking beauty.
The unspoiled nature and its isolated position also make Little Cayman a favorite destination even for Hollywood stars. Who choose this oasis of peace to escape the chaos and stress of large cities.

To end your visit you can venture inside the island by moving with a scooter: however, be careful of the numerous iguanas, who often roam freely along lingering along the streets!

Cayman Islands honeymoon: The authentic life of Cayman BracCayman Islands honeymoon: dive into a tropical paradise!

If after visiting the frenetic Grand Cayman and having explored the natural beauty of the smaller island up close, you want to really discover the history and culture of this suggestive archipelago, you just have to go to the last island that constitutes it, Cayman Brac.
Here you will have the opportunity to observe what life was like before the arrival of tourism. And large hotel chains: the still unspoiled landscape. And simple lifestyle represents an excellent portrait of what is the most authentic spirit of the Cayman Islands.

In its 16 kilometers, long Cayman Brac is crossed by a limestone crust that characterizes its natural beauty. And this is precisely the reason that makes it the favorite destination for photography and wildlife lovers!

The island offers numerous solutions even to the most sporty couples. Who has decided to combine adventurous experiences with their sweet love phrases with numerous trekking, hiking and climbing routes?
During your walks, however, take some time to explore the mysterious caves inside the limestone ridge: now they represent a picturesque landscape component. But did you know that in the past they were used as a refuge from frequent hurricanes?

We are ready to bet that you have not yet finished delivering all your wedding favors and you already have the suitcase in your hand, isn’t it? The Cayman Islands are undoubtedly that dream destination that will make you fall in love. But waiting for your departure you just have to read the article again and continue to fantasize about your honeymoon!

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